The Cancer Biology Graduate Program is affiliated with the Training Program in Cancer Biology T32 award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). With the help of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, the T32 funds 5 predoctoral students each year. 


T32 Appointees for 2022

Daniela Ortiz Chavez

Research: Identifying and targeting genes/pathways that influence the sensitivity of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) to venetoclax/based therapy, to treat leukemia using more effective, phenotype-specific strategies.

Lab: DeGregori

Morgan Fox

Research: Coming Soon

Lab: Cittelly

Regan Miller

Research: To identify mechanisms that limit glycolytic ATP production in leukemic stem cells.

Lab: Jordan

Cancer Center T32 Affiliated Appointees

Li-Wei Kuo

Research: Inhibition of Tryptophan Catabolism on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and Tumor-Associated Macrophages

Arely Diaz

Research: To characterize susceptibilities of “persister” myeloma cells during remission following BCMA CAR-T cell therapy and target these “persisters” with novel immunotherapies.

Lab: Sherbenou