The CANB program offers a vast faculty network drawn from various fields of biomedical and clinical sciences. The program provides a diverse body of students with rigorous training in a collaborative environment to cultivate the training program’s tenants of advancing translational research and discovering new venues for cancer treatment and prevention.

2021 Cancer Biology Class



Student NameYear and Mentor
Mary Grace CarrollMatriculation Year: 2022
Mentor: Rotating
Kady DennisMatriculation Year: 2022
Mentor: Rotating
Clarissa GarciaMatriculation Year: 2022
Mentor: Rotating
Maureen HoenMatriculation Year: 2021 (BSP)
Mentor: Karam
Lauren CozzensMatriculation Year: 2021 (BSP)
Mentor: Lyons
Ellen Bamberg (she/her/hers)Matriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: Kabos
Morgan Fox (he/him/his)Matriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: Cittelly
Bridget HoagMatriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: DeGregori
Nicholas OlimpoMatriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: Karam
Daniela OrtizMatriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: DeGregori
Pearl WilcockMatriculation Year: 2021
Mentor: Davila
Kelsey KinesMatriculation Year: 2020 (MSTP)
Mentor: Lyons
Petra DahmsMatriculation Year: 2020 (BSP)
Mentor: Lyons
Regan Miller (she/her/hers)Matriculation Year: 2020 (BSP)
Mentor: Jordan
John AlemanMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Wang
Sophia CorboMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Karam
Parsa HaqueMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Theiss
Alana KellerMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Sherbenou
Li-Wei KuoMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Richer
Abe MartinezMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Pearson
Rachel SteinmetzMatriculation Year: 2020
Mentor: Lyons
Joe HsiehMatriculation Year: 2019 (MSTP)
Mentor: Jedlicka
Phoebe CaoMatriculation Year: 2019
Mentor: Davila
Alan ElderMatriculation Year: 2019
Mentor: Lyons
Ashley WuMatriculation Year: 2019
Mentor: Rincon
Anagha InguvaMatriculation Year: 2018 (MSTP)
Mentor: Jordan
Meghan KellettMatriculation Year: 2018 (MSTP)
Mentor: Schweppe
Jaidev BapatMatriculation Year: 2018
Mentor: Bitler
Lorraine DavisMatriculation Year: 2018
Mentor: Sherbenou
Claire IhleMatriculation Year: 2018
Mentor: Owens
Connor PurdyMatriculation Year: 2018
Mentor: Ford
Lisa WoodMatriculation Year: 2018
Mentor: Moore

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