Cancer Biology Program

The interdepartmental program leading to the PhD in Cancer Biology combines training in the basic biomedical sciences with opportunities to apply clinical and translational research to studies on human cancer.

Abraham Martinez


I joined the Cancer Biology Program because I wanted to explore the fundamental molecular mechanisms by which cancer cells form tumors. CU Anschutz gives me the opportunity to work with brilliant scientists from different fields of cancer biology.

- Abraham Martinez, Cancer Biology PhD Candidate

Daniela Ortiz Chavez


I joined the Cancer Biology Graduate Program at CU Anschutz to accomplish my goals of improving the standard of care and quality of life for patients through cutting edge research. CU Anschutz has stellar resources, such as the Cancer Center and the hospital which further enhance my translational studies.

- Daniela Ortiz Chavez, Cancer Biology PhD Trainee

Li-Wei Kuo


I chose to join the Cancer Biology Graduate Program because of the unique position for collaboration, which is essential in cancer research. The senior students and mentors guide new students and provide an excellent research environment. As an international student, the program embraces diversity and makes me feel welcome.

- Li-Wei Kuo, Cancer Biology PhD Candidate

Claire Ihle


I joined the Cancer Biology Program not only because of the cutting-edge research projects, but also because of the collaborative and supportive environment in the program and on the CU Anschutz campus. It’s been a wonderful experience working with so many teams of talented scientists, and our discoveries can have an impact on the lives of cancer patients. Being able to shadow my clinical mentor has greatly expanded my understanding of breast cancer and helps guide my research project.

- Claire Ihle, Cancer Biology PhD Candidate

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