Staff Pathways Task Force 


In spring 2021, Chancellor Elliman tasked the Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) with running a strategic process to identify key priorities and initiatives for the campus over the next five years. OSI partnered with Inworks to leverage an inclusive, human-centered philosophy of design innovation and engage over 700 members of the campus community in contributing to a vision for how CU Anschutz might continue to break new ground in health sciences, education, research, patient care and community engagement. OSI convened a steering committee and four working groups centered on each of these mission areas.  


In synthesizing the recommendations from these groups, a common theme that emerged was the need to invest in our people. One recommendation was for enhanced support for the continuous professional development of college staff to provide avenues for career advancement at the university. Participants also identified the need to create clearer trajectories for career mobility within staff positions. These key priorities also align with the campus-wide Office of Diversity Equity Inclusion and Community Engagement (ODEICE) key strategic initiatives. The ODEICE key priorities and initiatives were identifiedÔÇ»and voted on through a strategic process engaging the Chancellor’s DEICE Leadership Council in fall 2021. Our collaborative process includes mapping key priorities to campus wide initiatives from both the OSI and ODEICE offices. 




The charge of this task force is to assess current career pathway opportunities for staff and make recommendations (if needed) for improving transparency of and pathways for career opportunities.   


 Member Representing
 Olawunmi ("Wunmi") Ogunwo School of Medicine (Primary Lead)
 Andrew Rotz Skaggs School of Pharmacy (Co-Lead) 
 Jocelyn Blake Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) 
 Chimgeh Bataa  Facilities 
Tessa CarlsonOffice of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (ODEICE)
 Maria Hernandez Advancement
 Dan Hussey College of Nursing 
 Neil Krauss Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (ODEICE)
 Alison Lakin Regulatory Compliance
 Debbie Lammers Human Resources 
 Florie Montoya Human Resources
Kelly Tasky  Office of Information Technology
 Susan Nagel Graduate School 
 Erin Poole  Colorado School of Public Health
 Regina Richards  Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (ODEICE)
 Bryn Samuelson Budget, Planning, and Analysis 
Courtney Stelmack CU Medicine 
Aimee Woznick Office of Strategic Initiatives 

Advisors (people for co-leads to contact for feedback and input if/when needed): 

Jenny Willits (Legal Counsel) 

Lisa Martinez (School of Medicine – Department of Family Medicine) 

Tracy Gray (College of Nursing) 

Veronica Graves (School of Dental Medicine) 

Kevin Young (Colorado School of Public Health) 

Spencer LaFasto (Skaggs School of Pharmacy) 

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