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The executive leadership team, along with the leaders of each area within information Strategy and Services (ISS), including the Office of Information Technology and Information Security and IT Compliance, is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. We believe that strong, effective working relationships are the foundation of our success and we are dedicated to supporting our teams and driving the mission of ISS forward. 

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Christopher Smith

CIO and Vice Chancellor for Information Strategy and Services
Christopher Smith is CIO and Vice Chancellor for Information Strategy and Services and has been an integral part of CU Anschutz since 2011, holding several leadership positions. He previously served as the campus Technology Strategy Officer and Associate Dean of Administration and Finance for the School of Medicine. Before joining CU Anschutz, Chris spent 15 years at the University of Iowa where he worked in the Department of Internal Medicine. In his current capacity, he oversees a diverse portfolio of information and data services. These encompass cutting-edge technologies supporting artificial intelligence, business integration, core infrastructure and development of solutions that are integrated with the university’s mission areas and strategic priorities. As an academic healthcare leader, Chris has fostered collaboration and encourages innovative thinking, challenging teams to be proactive, nimble and focused on continuous improvement to move us forward.
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Michael Miller

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Michael G. Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO, has been with CU Anschutz since 2009 holding various leadership positions within information services. These roles focused on developing technology solutions to help advance medical science, health care education, and clinical care outcomes. His expertise spans application development, data analytics, software engineering and strategic IT leadership. Notably, he was responsible for the management, strategy, direction, and execution of Information Technology for the School of Medicine with a team of over 40 technology professionals. Michael is driving technological innovation in Enterprise Research Computing and ensuring operational excellence across the Audio Visual, Customer Services and Support, Enterprise Application Services, Enterprise Operations and Infrastructure domains for the Anschutz Medical Campus. Before joining the University of Colorado, Michael spent 9 years working at State Farm in their technical architecture and Information Technology Research and Development departments. Michael’s enthusiasm lies in staying abreast of emerging technologies, delivering customer centric technology solutions, and he is committed to aligning these innovations with our campus mission areas. On a personal level he is an energetic, driven person who loves to help people learn new skills and utilize technology to help solve complex problems. He is passionate about figuring out what people need to excel, and then helping them develop their path to achieving their goals.
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Charlotte Russell

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Security and IT Compliance and Chief Information Security Officer
Charlotte Russell has served as a leader in IT Security and has held multiple roles delivering IT services over the last 25 years for the University of North Texas System and University of North Texas, including overseeing enterprise security for their healthcare campus. She has a strong desire backed up with historical experience to partner with faculty, staff and students to find solutions that work for the goals CU has as an organization to bring CU Anschutz and CU Denver the cyber security and compliance that’s necessary in our academic and healthcare environments.

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