MyLeave Replacement Initiative

The Time & Labor Project is a university-wide timekeeping replacement initiative aimed at:

  • Replacing our current My Leave timekeeping system with a more robust timekeeping program
  • If possible,  replacing and consolidating overall timekeeping tools and methods across the university, and
  • Improving the overall experience when reporting or managing employee time.

The project is supported by each campus’ leadership team, with the management of the project organized under the System Office. Each campus also has its own project team to manage campus operations.

The project is currently in the “Current State” phase, which focuses on understanding every campus’s current timekeeping methods, rules, and policies around employee pay and leave, and existing pain points related to time collection.

The Current State phase will be completed before any future state discussions, solutions, or implementation timelines are established. Information gathered from this phase will be used to inform project leadership on key decisions, as well as help the project teams to define requirements in a new timekeeping solution and establish appropriate timelines for implementation.

Meet the Anschutz Project Team

Project Sponsor
Anschutz Campus Team Lead

Florie Montoya

HCM Program Director

Justin Loiselle

Project Manager

Lindsey Paterson

Organizational Change Manager

Kelly Hanson

Business Analyst

Sze Pui Shum

Frequently Asked Questions

The below information is primarily focused on the project activities occurring at the Anschutz campus. Additional information about the Time and Labor project as a whole can be found on the System Office's Time and Labor Project website.

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