International scholars coming to the US for postdoctoral training often find it difficult to locate postdoctoral fellowship opportunities for which they are eligible because many of these opportunities are limited to US citizens and permanent residents. This resource is designed to help our international scholars quickly identify fellowship opportunities pertinent to their research efforts that have no citizenship requirements.

Alzheimer's AssociationResearch FellowshipsAssociation Focus Areas as related to Alzheimer's are 1) Research in Diverse Populations, 2) Social and Behavioral, 3) Cognitive and Functional and 4) Biological.Eligible applicants are full-time postdoctoral fellows with less than 10 years of research experience after receipt of a terminal degree.$175,000 over three years
American Association of University Women (AAUW)International FellowshipsAfter the year's fellowship activities, recipients return to their home countries to take up leadership roles in business, government, academia, arts and science fields or community activism.Postdoctoral candidates must have received terminal degree by the application deadline, and are citizens of countries other than the US.$18,000 - $30,000 for one year
American Diabetes Association (ADA)Health Disparities and Diabetes Research Awards - Postdoctoral FellowshipsThe focus is on clinical and translational research addressing the impact of health disparities on diabetes or its complications and vice versa.Candidates have terminal degrees and confirmed postdoctoral appointments by start date.$53,760-65,292 per year depending on postdoctoral experience plus $5,000 per year research allowance
American Epilepsy SocietyPostdoctoral Research FellowshipsBasic, clinical, and translational research efforts addressing epilepsy, seizures or related disorders are supported.An investigator must have a terminal degree and hold a postdoctoral fellow position prior to the award start date.$50,000 for one year
American Foundation for Suicide PreventionPostdoctoral Research Fellowship Innovation GrantsThe sponsor supports research that will increase understanding of suicide or test treatments and other interventions that save lives.An applicant must hold a terminal degree and have less than 3 years of postdoctoral research experience at time of award.$54,450 per year for two years as a stipend plus a $12,000 institutional allowance per year
American Heart AssociationPostdoctoral FellowshipsAHA is interested in funding basic, clinical, translational, behavioral and population research, bioengineering/ biotechnology and public health problems related to their mission.An applicant must hold a terminal degree and have no more than five years of research experience beyond said degree.AHA uses the postdoctoral pay sliding scale developed by the National Institutes of Health to determine stipend level; the sponsor also provides a health insurance allowance and a small amount for project support. This is a one or two year fellowship.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALS Association)Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral FellowshipsWith an overall goal of encouraging promising young scientists to enter the ALS research field, this program supports studies for new target validation, pathway biology, risk factors associated with developing ALS, new biomarker identification and studies to help people living with ALS and their caregivers.Eligible applicants have been fellows for less than three years by time of award.$75,000 per year for two years
Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD)Holloway Postdoctoral FellowshipsThe sponsor supports projects across the full spectrum of FTD disorders (behavioral variant FTD, primary progressive aphasia, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal degeneration, and FTD-ALS); research topics can range from the genetic, molecular, cellular, neuroanatomical, and circuit basis of disease to epidemiology and other areas of work.Eligible applicants are currently serving as postdoctoral fellows (typically in their first to third years).$60,000 per year for two years
Breast Cancer Alliance

Young Investigator Grants

This opportunity is open to researchers whose primary focus is breast cancer research (treatment, prevention or cure). Both tenure-track early career faculty and postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for these grants.$125,000 over two years
BrightFocus FoundationAlzheimer's Disease Research -  Postdoctoral Fellowship AwardsDesigned for Alzheimer's researchers in their final stages of mentored training, this award will set up recipients to obtain independent research funding as a next step.Eligible applicants are junior and senior postdoctoral fellows who are within five years of receipt of terminal degree or residency training.$200,000 over two years
Burroughs Wellcome FundCareer Awards at the Scientific InterfaceThis program is designed to encourage those with physical and computational science PhDs to apply their knowledge at the interface with biology. Proposals that include deep or machine learning are particularly encouraged as are proposals investigating the connection between climate change and health.Candidates must hold a PhD in math, physics, chemistry, computer science, statistics or engineering; and must have completed one but not more than five years of postdoctoral research by the full invited proposal deadline. Provides $500,000 over five years to bridge advanced postdoctoral training and the first three years of faculty service
Cancer League of ColoradoResearch GrantsThe League funds laboratory, clinical, or cancer control research.Postdoctoral fellows in Colorado institutions may submit proposals.$30,000 for one year
Cancer Research Institute (CRI)CRI Irvington Postdoctoral FellowshipsThe sponsor's interests involve fundamental or cancer immunology.An eligible applicant holds a terminal degree and has less than 5 years of postdoctoral research experience (note that MD applicants should not include residency years in this calculation).$175,500 over three years
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial FundFellowshipsThe sponsor supports research related to cancer causes and treatment.Postdoctoral applicants should have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience at time of application. PhD candidates must have earned their terminal degree no more than 18 months prior to application deadline while those with MDs must have received that degree no more than 3 years prior to deadline.$162,000 over three years
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) (US Department of Defense)Rare Cancers Research Program - Concept Awards

This funding mechanism supports high-risk, high-reward projects in their earliest stages. Specific Focus Areas for the Concept Awards funding mechanism are Biology and Etiology, Research Model, and Therapy. No preliminary data are required.

Postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for the Concept Awards funding mechanism. There are no citizenship requirements.$100,000 for one year
Cystic Fibrosis FoundationPostdoctoral Research FellowshipsResearch pertaining to cystic fibrosis is support with the ultimate goal of the trainee gathering data needed to move seamlessly into independent faculty positions.Preference is given recent graduates and those early in their postdoctoral tenure.Provides salary support ($50,000 in Year One and $52,000 in Year Two) plus fringe benefits and a $4,500 research and travel allowance
Dravet Syndrome FoundationPostdoctoral FellowshipsProposed research should relate directly to Dravet Syndrome.Current clinical or postdoctoral fellows may apply for this opportunity.$50,000 for one year
ETH ZurichBranco Weiss FellowshipsThis fellowship funds postdocs in all areas of the natural and social sciences and engineering. Years 1 and 2 are the pioneer phase; after review and a site visit, the fellow is then in the exploitation phase for the last 3 years of the fellowship. At this point, fellows may apply for and accept faculty positions while retaining their fellowship.Eligible candidates hold terminal degrees received within the last 5 years, have never held a faculty position and have an outstanding record of scientific achievement. The sponsor prides themselves on funding projects that depart from the mainstream of the candidate's discipline and would not be funded by other sources.CHF 100,000 per year for five years
Fight for SightPost-Doctoral AwardsDesigned to allow postdoctoral researchers who are interested in academic careers the opportunity to spend a year in a senior researcher's lab conducting vision and eye research (basic or clinical).Candidates are within three years of doctoral degrees or clinical residency training.$22,500 for one year
FRAXA Research FoundationFRAXA FellowshipsPriority is given to research projects with a translational or preclinical focus on Fragile X with the potential to lead to improved treatment.Lab groups are limited to one application.$45,000 per year for two years
Heart Rhythm SocietyPostdoctoral Research Fellowships in Cardiac ElectrophysiologyBasic and clinical electrophysiology research is supported by the Society.An applicant must have a terminal degree by the time of award activation, and must not have more than 3 years of postdoctoral research experience.$50,000 for one year
Hope Funds for Cancer ResearchPostdoctoral FellowshipsThe sponsor will provide funding for research projects related to the most difficult-to-treat cancers, including pancreatic, lung, liver, sarcomas, esophageal, brain, gastric, bone and ovarian cancers; and rare leukemias, lymphomas and MDS.Those with terminal degrees and approved mentorship arrangements are eligible. While current postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply, they are limited to having worked with their mentor no more than two years at time of initial application.$160,500 over three years
Howard Hughes Medical InstituteHanna H. Gray Fellows ProgramFocused on the goal of recruiting and retaining individuals from gender, racial, ethnic and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences, this program supports basic research efforts in biomedical and life sciences disciplines (to include plant biology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, and computational biology). Program support begins at the postdoctoral fellow stage and continues during the early career years as independent faculty members.Eligible applicants are from gender, racial, ethnic and other groups underrepresented in the life sciences including individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who are basic science researchers or physician-scientists; have been accepted to join a lab as a postdoctoral researcher at time of application; have no more than 16 months of postdoctoral research at time of application; and hold a PhD and/or MD. Note that for non-US citizens, this degree must be from a US institution.

Postdoctoral Training Phase: $70,000 plus $20,000 expense allowance per year for two to four years

Faculty Phase: $250,000 plus $20,000 expense allowance for up to four years

Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP)Postdoctoral FellowshipsTwo types of fellowships are available: 1) Long-Term Fellowships for those in biological sciences and 2) Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships for those with PhDs outside of the biological sciences (e.g., chemistry, math, engineering, physics, computer science).

Eligible applicants have received terminal degrees no more than three years prior to application deadline; must have at least one publication as lead author; have not spent more than 12 months in the country they are proposing to work as of start date; did not receive their terminal degree in that country; and are proposing to work in a country other than their own.

Awards are for up to three years and provides a living allowance, child allowance, paid parental leave allowance, a research/travel allowance and a relocation allowance.
Human Vaccines ProjectMichelson PrizesThese awards are given annually to promote research projects addressing human immunology, vaccine discovery and immunotherapy for major global diseases. This year's topics are 1) Human Immunology and Vaccines Research and 2) Climate Change and Human Immunology.Eligible applicants are under the age of 35 and may be early career independent investigators, postdoctoral or clinical fellows and other researchers in training positions.$150,000 (timeframe not stipulated by sponsor)
International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)Fellowships

Association priorities are the etiology, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and all aspects of lung cancer and thoracic malignancies.

Fellowship candidates must hold a terminal degree and be in fellowship status at time of application. IASLC membership is required.$50,000 for one year
International Retinal Research Foundation, Inc.Postdoctoral Scholar AwardsApplicants must be working on projects related to diseases of the macula or peripheral retina that will accelerate the discovery of the causes, treatment, and cure of macular diseases.A Fellow must be sponsored by a mentor conducting vision-related research. The candidate holds terminal degrees and has no more than 3 years of postdoctoral training at time of application.$35,000 for one year
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)Advanced Postdoctoral FellowshipsThis program supports research training that will position the awardee to be at the leading edge of their chosen field by the end of the fellowship. An optional one-year transition award will allow fellows to proceed to their independent faculty or research position.Eligible fellows have received their terminal degrees no more than six years prior to the application deadline.$95,000 for three years plus optional transition award of $110,000 for one year

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)

Diabetes Psychology Fellowship ProgramThe purpose of this program is to increase capacity in diabetes clinical psychology and diabetes psychology research by supporting postdoctoral fellowships.To be eligible, a candidate must have completed a PsyD or a PhD program in the field of psychology, generally within two years at time of application submission.$65,000 for one year
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)Postdoctoral FellowshipsThe sponsor's interest is Type 1 diabetes-relevant research.Candidates are generally no more than five years beyond receipt of terminal degreeAward amounts are dependent on relevant postdoctoral experience plus a research allowance of $5500/year for up to three years
Lalor FoundationPostdoctoral FellowshipsThe sponsor's research interest is mammalian reproductive biology as related to the regulation of fertility.An individual must have received his/her terminal degree within the past 2 years.$55,000 for one year; the sponsor indicates a second year of support is possible under special circumstances
The LAM FoundationFrancis X. McCormack, MD, Career Development AwardsThe sponsor provides support for postdoctoral research fellows to study lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).Those with a terminal degree and a willingness to commit to LAM research by committing to at least 50% research effort in that area are eligible.$60,000 per year for up to three years
Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF)

Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Research in all areas of basic life science is of interest to the sponsor. Eligible candidates are no more than 5 years beyond their latest terminal degree at time of application.$201,000 over 3 years
Lung Cancer  Research FoundationPilot GrantsEligible projects may address basic, clinical, translational, quality improvement/outcomes and supportive care research related to lung cancer.Eligible candidates include postdoctoral researchers.$75,000 per year for two years
Lymphoma Research FoundationPostdoctoral FellowshipsThis program supports hypothesis-driven research related to lymphoma.An eligible candidate has completed at least 2 but no more than 5 years of postdoctoral work and holds a terminal degree. Note that citizenship or permanent residency is only required for awards made through the sponsor's Health Equity Initiative.$105,000 over two years
Marfan Foundation

Victor A. McKusick Fellowships

This award supports basic, translational and clinical research on Marfan syndrome and related conditions.Eligible applicants are no more than six years beyond receipt of their terminal degrees.$50,000 per year for PhDs and $75,000 per year for MDs; requires 1:1 institutional match; two-year award
Melanoma Research FoundationCareer Development AwardsWhile the sponsor will consider applications in any area relative to melanoma, they have identified five scientific topic areas of great interest: 1) prevention, 2) tumor cell dormancy and metastasis, 3) targeted therapy, 4) immunotherapy and 5) melanoma and COVID-19.Those with terminal degrees and less than five years of postdoctoral fellowship experience are eligible. Postdoctoral fellows should have no previous grant support (e.g., NIH, American Cancer Society).$50,000 per year for two years
Multiple Myeloma Research FoundationResearch Fellow AwardsThis program provides funding for early career investigators to start research related to multiple myeloma biology, treatment and drug resistance aspects.This program will support postdoctoral and clinical fellows as well as those in assistant professorships; all candidates must be no more than 7 years beyond receipt of terminal degree.$75,000 for one year
Myositis Association

Mentored Research Fellowships

Pilot Grants

Supporting clinical or basic research related to myositis, the goal of this award is to provide needed training to insure a smooth transition to faculty status for the postdoctoral researcher. Postdocs may submit to the Mentored Fellowship or Pilot Grant categories.Potential fellows have demonstrated commitment to the field of myositis or related fields and are seeking additional experience.Up to $50,000 per year for two years.
National Academy of EducationNational Academy of Education/ Spencer Postdoctoral FellowshipsThis program supports early career postdoctoral fellows working in critical areas of education research. In addition, professional development opportunities are also offered.For this past year's program, an eligible applicant must have received his/her PhD or EdD  between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2019. (Early career faculty may also apply for this opportunity.)$70,000 for one year
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)NIAID New Innovators Awards (DP2 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (PAR-20-259)This program is designed to support brand new early career faculty in gaining research support for new innovative projects that may be considered risky or would not fare well in scientific review due to lack of preliminary data. This program emphasizes both the research and the person applying.This program supports both senior postdoctoral fellows who will transition to a faculty position prior to award and newly independent Early Stage Investigators who are in their first year as a faculty member. This opportunity is open to both US and non-US citizens.$300,000 (direct costs) per year for up to five years
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00):

Clinical Trial Not Allowed

Clinical Trial Required

Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required

With the goal of providing a timely transition from postdoctoral fellow status to faculty member, this K Award gives recipients the opportunity for continued postdoctoral training and a promise for additional funding in their first full-time faculty position.An eligible candidate has a terminal degree, has no more than four years of postdoctoral research experience at time of application, must be in a postdoctoral training position and must need at least an additional 12 months of mentored career development prior to faculty transition.Typically provides salary, benefits and small research allowance for the K99 postdoctoral phase (set by participating institutes); provides $249,000 per year in total costs for the R00 phase
National Multiple Sclerosis FoundationCareer Transition FellowshipsThis program targets current postdoctoral fellows working in multiple sclerosis research, providing support for two years as a postdoc and then transitioning to an early career faculty award.Eligible candidates have spent at least two and less than five years as a postdoctoral fellow at time of application. $550,000 over five years
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Ann and Sol Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award

Through this mentored award, the sponsor funds research into the origins and biology of ovarian cancer conducted by postdoctoral or clinical fellows.Eligible candidates hold terminal degrees and are in training positions.$75,000 total for one or two years
Paralyzed Veterans of AmericaSpinal Cord Research Foundation - Postdoctoral FellowshipsBasic science, clinical applications, and design and development projects are supported.A postdoctoral candidate who is within 4 years of completing a PhD or MD residency may apply. Note that senior fellows are encouraged to apply to the sponsor's research grant program.$50,000 per year for one or two years
Parkinson's FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships for Basic ScientistsThrough this mechanism, the Foundation supports basic research related to Parkinson's.An eligible applicant must be within 5 years of receipt of the PhD.$110,000 over 2 years
Parkinson's FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships for Clinical NeurologistsThis fellowship opportunity is focused on clinical neurologists who have completed their residency and wish to gain clinical research experience.A candidate for this award has an MD or equivalent, and is no more than 3 years beyond residency.$140,000 over 2 years
PhRMA FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships in Drug DeliveryThis Fellowship is designed to provide new skills in drug delivery research, including basic pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology or biomedical engineering.
An eligible candidate holds a terminal degree or expects to receive prior to award activation and is within the first two years of their postdoctoral work.
$50,000 per year for two  years
PhRMA FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships in Drug DiscoveryThis Fellowship allows recipients to engage in multidisciplinary training that will provide new skills in drug discovery research.Same as above - terminal degree or close to, no more than two years of postdoctoral experience$50,000 per year for two years
PhRMA FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships in Health OutcomesProgram focus areas are health outcomes research, pharmacoeconomics, clinical outcomes assessment, and patient-level real-world data and analytic tools.An eligible applicant is in the school of medicine, pharmacy, public health, nursing, or dentistry; holds the terminal degree; and are encouraged to apply at the earliest point possible in their postdoctoral work. $55,000 per year for two years
PhRMA FoundationPostdoctoral Fellowships in Translational MedicineThis award supports individuals engaged in multidisciplinary/collaborative research training programs that will extend their credentials in Translational Medicine.Applicants with terminal degrees are encouraged to apply at the earliest point possible in their postdoctoral research efforts. $60,000 per year in stipend support for two years
Prevent Cancer FoundationResearch FellowshipsThe sponsor's interests are cancer prevention and early detection of epithelial neoplasms (e.g., brain, head and neck, lung, breast, prostate, skin).Fellowship support is available to trainees with terminal degrees.$100,000 over 2 years
Damon Runyon Cancer Research FoundationDamon Runyon Fellowship AwardsThe Foundation funds theoretical and experimental research relevant to the study of cancer and the search for cancer causes, mechanisms, therapies and prevention.The sponsor offers two Fellowship Levels: Level 1 is open to basic and physician-scientists who received their terminal degrees no more than 18 months prior to the application deadline and have not been in their sponsor's lab for more than one year; Level 2 is open to physician-scientists (MD, MD/PhD, DDS, DVM or equivalent) who have completed residencies and clinical training, and are board-eligible in the US by the Fellowship start date. [Note that for 2021, some requirements have been relaxed; see guidelines for details.]$223,000 over four years
Shock SocietyResearch Investigator FellowshipsThis program funds postdoctoral fellows engaged in basic, translational or clinical research related to trauma, shock and sepsis.Applicants must be members of the Shock Society who have obtained terminal degrees. PhDs should have been hired by their institution within the last four years; residents and clinical fellows should still be in their training programs at time of application submission.$22,000 for one year
Simons FoundationSimons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) Bridge to Independence AwardsThis program is designed to facilitate transition from postdoctoral fellow status to faculty/independent researcher status for autism researchers.An applicant must be a senior postdoctoral fellow who intends to seek a tenure-track faculty position in the US, holds a terminal degree in science areas supported by the Foundation including genetics, molecular mechanisms, circuits and systems, and clinical science. $495,000 over three years
Simons FoundationSimons Postdoctoral Fellowships in Marine Microbial EcologyThe sponsor supports research on fundamental marine microbial ecology. They are particularly interested in those with training in other areas that are interested in applying their knowledge to the sponsor's interest.An applicant must have received the terminal degree within the past 3 years with preference given to those with no more than 1 year of postdoctoral research experience.$65,000 stipend plus a $25,000 allowance per year for three years
Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)

SITC-Amgen Cancer Immunotherapy in Hematologic Malignancies Fellowship

SITC-Bristol-Myers Squibb Postdoctoral Cancer Immunotherapy Translational Fellowship

SITC-Merck Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Fellowships

The sponsor provides support to postdoctoral researchers who have their MD (or equivalent) or combined MD/PhD degree and have a vested interest in furthering the research and translation of immunotherapeutic approaches for treating patients with hematologic malignancies.

Eligible researchers hold an MD or MD/PhD;   are postdoctoral fellows, residents, research scientists or comparable position; are SITC members; and are no more than four years beyond training status.

$100,000 for one year
Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance)Postdoctoral FellowshipsThis Fellowship supports basic or translational research related to tuberous sclerosis complex.An eligible candidate holds a terminal degree.$75,000 per year for up to two years
Helen Hay Whitney FoundationResearch FellowshipsThe sponsor funds early postdoctoral training in all basic biomedical sciences.A candidate may have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience at time of application, has held a terminal degree for no more than two years before the deadline or an M.D. degree no more than three years before the deadline.This three-year award provides a stipend (unspecified), a $1,500 research allowance per year, and a $1,500 childcare allowance yearly.