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The American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the University of Colorado (CU) RESTORE Team are pleased to offer training in High-intensity Rehabilitation in Medically Complex Populations.

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We have seen more patients participate in rehab with greater enthusiasm and motivation. It’s almost like a light went on and some dignity was restored when we began to see them as individuals with the capacity to tolerate higher intensity rehab, and not as frail elderly who could only tolerate high repetition, low resistance activities and exercises.

- J.B., Physical Therapist

What does the High-intensity Physical Rehabilitation in Medically Complex Populations Course include?


Many older adults are at risk for functional decline due to underlying medical complexity, as well as deconditioning following a bout of inpatient care. This course will present an evidenced-based approach for the implementation of a high-intensity progressive rehabilitation paradigm, offered as an evolution of current, lower intensity post-acute treatment approaches to address this constellation of needs. Rehabilitation professionals (Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant; Occupational Therapist & Occupational Therapy Assistant) will have access to an interactive multimedia learning experience including responsive, self-paced presentation of foundational concepts, simulated case scenarios, feedback from a subject matter expert - all informed by the latest learning science and innovative technology.

RESTORE provides corroborating documentation for Continuing Education. If you require any additional documentation, we will do our best to accommodate.



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The RESTORE team is a collaborative group of researchers, educators, and professionals within the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program that seeks to transform the lives of older adults by helping local clinics integrate the latest evidence-based rehabilitation strategies into routine practice.

RESTORE aims to help our clinical partners become leaders in quality care delivery by using personalized, progressive approaches to strength and balance training. At the core of this initiative is interactive, customizable online educational platform for training rehabilitation staff in rehabilitation strategies that achieve quicker, more effective, and longer lasting home discharges to drive higher quality care. This approach to rehabilitation is timely considering evolving changes in reimbursement for post-acute rehabilitation services, favoring more effective and efficient models of care delivery.

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