Weekly Update on Research Reconstitution Activities

August 14, 2020

Dear Research Community Colleagues,

We are proud of our research community and our campus as a whole as we continue to support one another; we are #CUAnschutzTogether. The research ramp up process remains on track, as we proceed refining our approach and responding to new developments. 

Here are a few important points in regards to campus contact tracing and facilities management measure:
  • Individuals will be notified if they are at risk for a potential exposure or in the case of an outbreak on campus.
  • Our contact tracing team will follow up with every individual who may have been exposed. At this time, we are unaware of any COVID-19-positive employee or student exposed while on campus. We will not publish the names of staff, students or faculty who may test positive.
  • Facilities Management has taken several steps to minimize the potential for transmission including on the campus environment: inspecting air handling systems and maximizing the amount of outside air beyond the ASHRAE 62.1-2019 Standard, performing additional preventative maintenance on air handling components to maximize functionality, and replacing all air filters to at least a MERV-13 filtration level. 
Research Ramp Up highlights are as follows:
  • Badging: Please reach out to your COVID official and/or coordinator if you have any concerns regarding your badge access. There are temporary solutions in place within wet lab spaces and buildings. 
  • Building Entry: Those approved to return to campus can check in at any of the four campus entry locations for screening, which are noted in the daily health questionnaire, with specific information on opening times for each location. Student staffing is now integrated into the research ramp up process.
  • Clinical Research: We continue to move forward with ramp up activities. For CU Anschutz areas, protocol re-activation includes all of Groups 1 through 4 as defined here.
  • Community-Based Research: The one hour required training component for Community Based Researchers will now have a pre-registration component which can be found here. Please visit here for more information.
  • EHS: Some PPE items and cleaning supplies are available for purchase through the “COVID Supplies” section in CU Marketplace.  If available, these items will be sourced locally and filled rapidly.  If unavailable, these purchases will be directed through the normal purchasing channels.  As a reminder, PPE purchases for items not available on CU Marketplace should go through your COVID official.  If you have any questions regarding procurement of PPE for your research needs, visit the webpage or contact Please keep in mind that there are additional PPE requirements if you are working with SARS-CoV-2.  Visit Biosafety Resources for COVID Research for additional details as EHS has guidance for such research.


Thomas Flaig, MD
Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus


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