SOAR: Strengthening Ourselves through Awareness & Resilience

2018 Campus Theme

Each year, the IOCP identifies a primary theme by which to engage different partners within the Anschutz community. The 2018 theme, endorsed by the 2017 IPED student cohort is SOAR: Strengthening Ourselves through Awareness and Resilience.

Many IOCP activities align with this theme and are identified on the IOCP Menu with the icon:

Why this theme?

First, student's must recognize that being a health professional means facing many challenges, whether it is working with difficult patients, mastering complex concepts, or developing expert technical skills. The process of becoming a professional is stressful. Likewise, being a health professional brings new and changing stress as we advance throughout our careers. To sustain a lifetime of success and career stratification, it is imperative that each professional develop the ability to care for one's self as well as one's career. This requires developing skills needed to manage the stresses encountered in one's chosen field of practice.

Secondly, well functioning teams can be a source of strength in the face of challenge. The IOCP provides students opportunities to engage in a greater community beyond that of their professional program. Through the IOCP, students can gain new skills, cultivate professional passions, and network with peers and colleagues. Students have several paths to choose from within the IOCP, mimicking the various ways professionals engage in continuous professional development upon completion of their training. Regardless of how you choose to fulfill your IOCP requirement, you are encouraged to engage with your peers and discuss your experiences. ​​


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