Warren Binford, JD, Ed.M

W.H. Lea for Justice Endowed Chair in Pediatric Law, Ethics & Policy
Director for Pediatric Law, Ethics & Policy at the Kempe Center

Warren Binford

email:    Warren.Binford@cuanschutz.edu
office:    Fulginiti Pavilion - Room 201

Warren Binford is an internationally recognized children’s rights scholar and advocate
who is a frequent writer and speaker on a variety of children’s issues, including 21st
century forms of child abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

She has provided children’s rights expertise and support to a variety of international
organizations as well as major media outlets, including the New York Times, the BBC,
the New Yorker, CNN, and others.

Professor Binford was selected as both a Fulbright Scholar in South Africa in 2012 and
the inaugural Fulbright Canada-Palix Foundation Distinguished Visiting Chair in Brain
Science and Child and Family Health and Wellness at the University of Calgary in 2015.
She joined the University of Colorado faculty in 2020 after 15 years as a law school
professor and administrator.


  • Undergraduate Education: Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Master’s Education: Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Legal Education: Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA


  • International children’s rights
  • 21st century forms of child abuse, exploitation & trauma
  • Evidence-based child advocacy and decision-making
  • Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to child-focused
    research and policy