Project Bridge was founded at Johns Hopkins University in February 2013.

The mission of Project Bridge is to foster public interest in primary science research. As scientists, we often find it difficult to express the excitement and importance of our work to our non-science family and friends. This communication barrier is also reflected in the current dour funding climate for primary research projects. As such, we believe that conscious efforts must be made to create new advocates for science research. Project Bridge holds workshops for scientists to strengthen communication skills. We also utilize a grassroots approach to address these issues through our multiple community events.  This increased interaction between researchers and their community will increase the appreciation and understanding of the importance of scientific research.

Project Bridge Colorado was the second chapter of Project Bridge created in March 2017.

Learn more about the Project Bridge and the other chapters.


Devi Rao


Deviyani Rao

Laurie Lyon

Vice President

Laurie Lyon

Arthur Wolin

Science Gong Show Coordinator

Arthur Wolin

Addison Rains

Communications Officer

Addison Rains

Sophia Kim


Sophia Kim

Bruce Mandt

Faculty Advisor

Bruce Mandt


Erin Golden, Founding President

Hannah Jones, President

Lisbet Finseth, President

Dylan Verden, Vice President

Michelle Mellenthin, Vice President

Yunus Ozekin, NSPN Liaison

Chris Covey, Strategy Officer

Sarah Born, Financial Officer

Mike Doyle, Financial Officer

Zoe O'Donoghue, Fundraising Coordinator

Evelyn Bordeaux, Policy Project Coordinator

Carrie Coleman, Training and Education Chair

Brian Aguado, Development Officer

Sophina Taitano, Communications Officer

Amber Ismael, Community Outreach Chair

Elliott Brooks, Community Outreach Liaison

Spencer Bowles, Government Relations Officer

Mark Lucera, Government Relations Chair

Matt Davidson, Government Relations Chair

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