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April GSC Meeting Review

Student Insurance | Rebecca Brannon – CU Anschutz Student Health Insurance Plan Manager - 40 min


Rebecca Brannon will have an overview presentation on the Student Health Insurance Plan and will take questions from students 

  • What is covered under my student insurance?
  • How do I submit a claim from a hospital/dentist/vision bill?
  • How do I opt in for my student insurance?
  • What are mental health resources covered by my insurance?
  • What else should I know to make the most of my student health insurance?

Outreach | Both Julia and Aimee will talk about their outreach programs and ways graduate students can become involved

Dr. Julia Derk – postdoctoral fellow at CU Anschutz -10 min

Dr. Aimee Bernard – Assistant professor at CU Anschutz – 10 min


We will end by giving an update on student gym membership fees

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