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Undergraduate Pre-Health Program-Alumni Testimonials

UPP is unlike any pre-health program I have ever been a part of. Unlike these other programs, UPP has service at its core. The vision of the program is to make sure those who need quality care most in society get it. Sadly, in our society, this is completely radical! UPP does this by selecting people underrepresented in healthcare and sticking them in the program to learn about health disparities and inequities. More or less, they are giving resources and guidance to help young leaders serve their own communities because there is nobody better to take care of underrepresented and underserved populations than the young people who speak the language, are fluent in the culture, and understand the complexity of their own communities. The product of this program is an incredibly tight-knit, diverse, talented and inclusive community that challenge each other to critically reflect on issues of social justice and systems of power. If it were not for UPP, I would have given up on my aspirations to become a physician. UPP reignited my passion and taught me that love for difference is my greatest strength. These mentors and fellows showed me that I belong and that my voice is worthy of being heard. I cannot thank them enough!

Tyler Fair

UPP Alumnae - 2017