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Undergraduate Pre-Health Program-Alumni Testimonials

I am forever grateful for the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program. I had experiences that I will never forget and developed strong friendships with wonderful people along the way. Before beginning the program, I was struggling with school and had a tough time staying focused. Throughout the course of the program, I became more determined and knew that I had my main goal of going into professional school. I always looked forward to the Saturday academies where our cohort constantly discussed important topics. One of the most important topics, to me, was learning about health disparities, which allowed me to expand on my knowledge and helped me realize my true passion. I now know how to use future dental degree to better the lives of the people who suffer from these health disparities. Also, throughout the course of the summer I had the opportunity to shadow the dental students where I could experience what being a student at CU is like. I was excited to go in everyday and learn something new and wished that experience never ended. I learned many valuable skills that I will never forget; and because of those skills I was able to obtain a job after the summer was over and expand my horizon. My experience with the UPP program has truly been one of a kind and has changed me, for the better of course. Thank you to everyone who is involved with the program who allow students to constantly grow and expand on their knowledge of important topics that will turn them into wonderful future healthcare providers.

Asma Samara

UPP Alumnae - 2017