Care@Work by Extended for 2022-23

Finding the right care for your family can be hard, and COVID-19 created new challenges for all of us.

Through Care@Work by, CU Anschutz now provides all faculty and staff with a family care program to help you balance professional demands while caring for your loved ones at home.

Membership + Backup Care


  • Full-Time CU Anschutz Faculty (equal or greater than 50% FTE)
  • Full-Time CU Anschutz University Staff (equal or greater than 50% FTE)
  • Full-Time CU Anschutz Classified Staff (equal or greater than 50% FTE)
  • Full-Time Consolidated (CSA/ASA) Employees (equal or greater than 50% FTE)
  • Residents
  • Postdocs



Overview Webinar, Oct. 25, 2022

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With your free, unlimited premium subscription membership, you can post a job or search for caregivers for: child care, senior care, tutors and distance learning facilitators, pet care, house care and more. 

You can also create a family profile to connect with other families for nanny shares and learning pods for additional support during this school year.

As a premium member, you gain access to special full-time and part-time tuition discounts at participating childcare centers.

Who is eligible for free, unlimited premium membership to

Find eligibility information above.

Contact with eligibility questions.

How do I sign up?

Click the “Login or Enroll Here” button above. Follow the instructions. You will be prompted to provide your username, which is your employee ID number if you are faculty or staff, or your CU email address if you are a student. Follow the prompts to enroll.

Please note that you must use this website, rather than the public website, to check eligibility and enroll in the CU Anschutz Care@Work Program.

How do I pay for care?

When you hire a Caregiver on, you can pay them through the platform or directly. When you use backup care, your credit card will be charged your co-pay amount once care is complete.

How long does the program last? 

The Care@Work program will be in place through the end of summer 2022.

I already have a account. What do I do?

Click the “Login or Enroll Here” button above and complete the form as instructed. When you click on the Portal button to enroll, you will be asked whether you are new to Select “No.” Enter the email address and password associated with your existing account. You will be prompted to provide your employee ID. Your existing account will be merged with your CU Anschutz-sponsored membership.

I have questions about Care@Work. Who should I contact?

Program and enrollment questions: 855-781-1303.

Faculty and staff eligibility questions:

What happens if I leave CU Anschutz?

Your free premium membership will end within one week of your affiliation with the university ending. You will be offered fee-based options for continuation of your membership at that time.

I enrolled in Care@Work by, and now I want to cancel my premium membership. How do I cancel?

Find step-by-step instructions for canceling your premium membership on’s website.

I would like to provide care services myself. How do I create a profile?

To become a provider on and apply to Care jobs, go to and select “Find Jobs.” You will need to build your caregiver profile to join the platform, using a different email than the one associated with your member account sponsored by CU Anschutz. All Care providers on pay an annual $14.99 fee. Learn more here.

What if I need accessibility support to access my membership?

Call the Expert Assistance team at 855-781-1303, extension 4, for help.

Does the CU Anschutz Medical Campus screen care providers?

No, CU Anschutz does not screen or otherwise review care providers offering services through Care@Work or Once you enroll in Care@Work by, your relationship with is your sole relationship, and any data and information you share with the company is solely between you and CU Anschutz will not be involved in assessing or evaluating the services you use or providers you choose. Read CU Anschutz Terms of Use here.

Learn about’s CareCheck and safety protocols at

With COVID-19, will the caregivers take precautions prior to entering my home?

For information and resources on’s approach to COVID-19, visit’s post on navigating COVID-19.

Can I use my Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account to cover costs for

Yes, be sure to save all receipts for reimbursement. See the CU Employee Services website for details on Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts.

Does cover other services?

Yes. You can learn more at Note that any additional services would be at your own expense, and not covered by the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

Find more common questions on the FAQ for Families page.