CU Anschutz strives to make collection of recyclable materials on campus as seamless and user-friendly as possible. Recycling is collected in single-stream bins throughout campus and our waste services provider, Republic Service, removes these items from campus and takes to certified recycling facilities. The University tracks waste diversion rates and seeks to improve these rates whenever and however possible. 

We have worked with Republic to identify collection of lab-specific items that can be put into the recycling stream. Please note those items listed in the ACCEPTABLE list.

The best way to improve recycling on campus is for every user to read and understand what can and cannot be recycled to assure that recycled material is not compromised. We continually work with janitorial staff to make sure that proper collection is practiced.

 Acceptable Items - Recycle These Items
 Glass Bottles
 Metal Cans
 Plastic Bottles
 Plastic Containers #1 - 7
 Flattened Cardboard
 Styrofoam Larger than 6" in one aspect (No Peanuts)
 Clean Conical Tubes (50mL &15 mL)
 Clean/Unbroken Glass/Chemical Containers
 Kimwipes (Not used on hazardous chemicals)
 Pipette Tip Boxes
 Media Bottles (That have been cleaned)


 Unacceptable Items - Do Not Recycle!
 Plastic Bags/Plastic Wraps
 Medical Waste
 Soiled Paper
 Used Pizza Boxes
 Electronics & Batteries
 Construction Waste
 Yard Waste
 Scrap Metal
 Light Bulbs
 Serological Pipette Wrappers
 Pipette Tips
 Microcentrifuge Tubes

The University also partners with Shred-It for on-site confidential document shredding and recycling on campus. These bins are located throughout campus.

Lots to Shred? If you have a large amount or recycled material to be collected or need a large number of confidential documents shredded, please contact Customer Service at 303-724-1777.