With Gratitude

September 2021

As we prepare to launch this publication each year, it is humbling to reflect on all that we have accomplished and to cast our sights on all that lies ahead. The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has long been defined by innovation and sustained by an entrepreneurial spirit. Even as we pivoted to address the challenges of a global pandemic, our upward trajectory showed no signs of slowing.

This last year demanded much from each of us. But thanks to unwavering community support, we continued building our forward momentum. From the beginning of the pandemic, we set a high bar for our campus, using public health guidance as our baseline and creating our own robust protocols to protect those we serve. As the fall semester begins, we are reminded that our greatest asset is our people, and that includes you.

With your partnership, CU Anschutz emerged as a trusted voice and necessary care provider amid tremendous uncertainty, continuing to elevate our campus as a destination for innovation and a source of bold breakthroughs in medicine and health. These stories of impact highlight just some of the transformative work happening here. From research on RNA viruses to expedited clinical trials and vaccine distribution, from artificial intelligence to next-generation drugs and devices—on this campus, anything is possible. Our work progresses because of our unique ability to collaborate across fields and disciplines, and this year we worked together like we never have before.

These features showcase our efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, our progress in diversity and inclusion, our innovative research capabilities, and our investments in the personalized medicine of the future. In each of these areas and far beyond, philanthropy is an accelerant for change. I hope you are as inspired by these stories of impact as I am. Our campus is leading the way, and our success would not be possible without your partnership and support.

Thank you for helping to make these stories, and countless others like them, possible.


Office of Advancement

CU Anschutz

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13001 East 17th Place

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