Philanthropy fuels our progress to transform healthcare

Philanthropy brings people together; it’s a driving force in accelerating the pace of discovery, attracting and retaining excellent students and faculty, and delivering world-class prevention and care.

At the Office of Advancement at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, we put our passions to work. 

We have the privilege to collaborate with people who want to make a difference in the world – people who want to make an impact on humanity that may be felt long after they have passed. Our office exists to ensure stakeholders within and outside the university know, value, and support the important work being done on this academic medical campus.

Why Giving Matters

We believe there is a hole in people’s hearts that can only be filled with generosity and service. And if we listen first and really understand how they want to make an impact in the world, then there will be more joy from the benefactor and more philanthropy for the institution.”
Scott Arthur photo

Scott Arthur

Vice Chancellor, Advancement

Gifts of all sizes play a monumental role at CU Anschutz. Our faculty, researchers, clinicians and students are at the forefront of medicine, working urgently to develop novel solutions that revolutionize and redefine healthcare, research and education. When you give to CU Anschutz, the impact is infinite.

Help create next-generation treatments and cures

By accelerating our progress and helping to bring scientific breakthroughs into the clinic, our benefactors play a crucial role in our success. 

When you contribute to CU Anschutz, your investment transforms lives and changes the world.

Through your support, we can address areas of greatest need whilst catalyzing key discoveries and innovative therapies. Every gift makes a difference and helps create a lasting legacy of health and wellbeing for the people in Colorado and beyond.

Below, read the many ways benefactors and everyday donors are impacting outcomes for patients and researchers at CU Anschutz School of Medicine.

Celebrating Dr. Theresa (Terry) Chase

2024 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for CU College of Nursing Alumni Association


"As a result of the care I received as a patient and the interactions with many nurses along the way, I became curious about what made me feel better. I was inspired by the Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson (PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN), Founder and Director of Watson Caring Science Institute) and how caring was possibly what helped me feel better. I am deeply grateful to the University of Colorado College of Nursing for accepting me into the program, and for the support of the faculty, program directors and peers. There is still much for me to do in the world and continue this work of professional nursing in innovative and creative ways."
Profile pic of Theresa M. Chase, MA, ND, RN, CEIP-Ed PhD Class of 1996

Terry Chase

'96 ND, MA, ND, RN, CEIP-Ed

Office of Advancement

CU Anschutz

Fitzsimons Building

13001 East 17th Place

Suite WG112

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