Melissa Palmer

Melissa C Palmer, LCSW, ACHP-SW-C, JD

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Dr. Kelly Arora

Kelly Arora, PhD

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MSPC Physician Lead and CHPM Liaison

Maurice Scott

Maurice (Scotty) Scott, MD

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Nurse Practitioner

Darcy Campbell

Darcy Campbell, AGNP-C

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Assistant Professor

Dr. Katherine Morrison

Katherine Morrison, MD

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MSPC Senior Administrator of Program Affairs

Bailee Bannon Murray

Bailee Bannon Murray

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MSPC Program Coordinator

Karen Percival Headshot

Karen Percival

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Faculty Affiliations


  • Jean Abbott, MD
  • F. Amos Bailey, MD, FACP
  • Jean Kutner, MD
  • Cari Levy, MD, PhD
  • Katherine Morrison, MD
  • Maurice (Scotty) Scott, MD
  • Jeanie Youngwerth, MD


  • Harri Brackett, RN, MS, ACHPN
  • Heather Coats, PhD, MS, APRN-BC
  • Nancy English PhD, APRN, CS, CHPN
  • Todd Hultman, PhD, NP, ACHPN
  • Regina Fink, PhD, APRN, AOCN, CHPN, FAAN
  • Paula Nelson-Marten, PhD, RN, PhD, AOCN; CON Curriculum Liaison
  • Sean M. Reed, PhD, APN, ACNS-BC, ACHPN
  • Nancy Robertson, MSN, ANP-BC, ACHPN

Physician Assistant

  • Judy Knudson, PA


  • Kirsten Broadfoot, PhD
  • Carey Candrian, PhD


  • Kristen DeSanto, MSLS, MS, RD, AHIP

Spiritual Care

  • Kelly Arora, PhD
  • Julie Swaney, MDiv


  • Shaun Gleason, PharmD, MGS
  • Erica Rhein, PharmD


  • Elizabeth Holman, PhD
  • Elissa Kolva, PhD

Support Staff

Program Manager

  • Ashley Ertmer

Program Coordinator 

  • Bailee Bannon Murray

Distance Degrees and Programs

  • Graduate School


  • Jacob Green

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Partners

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus houses a network of collaborative faculty and staff who are housed in one or more schools, colleges, or facilities. Below is a list of our closest university partners.

External Affiliations

Our program faculty are members of a vast network of health professionals. Below is a list of networks and organizations in which our faculty belong. Our program is often represented at the conferences and other organized events hosted by these organizations. 

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