Integrated Physiology Program

Integrated Physiology is a multidisciplinary PhD training program that prepares students for careers in biomedical research.  Students in Integrated Physiology have opportunities to explore how cells, organ systems and organisms regulate complex physiological functions through integration of molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms. 

Sydney Coates
I am thankful for the breadth of research I was exposed to while in the IPHY Program, as it gave me a birds-eye view of physiology in addition to a focused education in reproductive physiology. I gained experience in both translational and clinical research that prepared me for a research career in a clinical setting.

Sydney Coates Lane, PhD; Graduated 2019
Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree, CO



Congratulations to our recent graduates

Evelyn Llerena Cari and Darcy Kahn have recently defended their dissertations and are embarking on the next phase of their careers. Darcy is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Bergman lab, and Evelyn is starting her position as an embryologist Shady Grove Fertility Colorado as well as acting as the vice president of the Colorado Association of Reproductive Technologists. Congratulations!