Integrated Physiology Program

Integrated Physiology is a multidisciplinary PhD training program that prepares students for careers in biomedical research.  Students in Integrated Physiology have opportunities to explore how cells, organ systems and organisms regulate complex physiological functions through integration of molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms. 

Sydney Coates
I am thankful for the breadth of research I was exposed to while in the IPHY Program, as it gave me a birds-eye view of physiology in addition to a focused education in reproductive physiology. I gained experience in both translational and clinical research that prepared me for a research career in a clinical setting.

Sydney Coates Lane, PhD; Graduated 2019
Maternal Health Scientist, Ferring Pharmaceuticals



Congratulations to the Klug Lab

IPHY Faculty Member Achim Klug has a recent publication investigating the Auditory brainstem development of naked mole-rats (Heterocephalus glaber) (READ MORE). The lab was also awarded a patent for Real-Time Neural Spike Sorting. Congratulations on these achievements!


IPHY students win poster awards

Congratulations to Tina Nguyen, Karli Swenson, and Allison Dubner for winning Outstanding Poster Awards at the 37th Annual Student Research Forum. These awards also come with a $350 scholarship!