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The Master's Program in Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology (BSBT-GEN) is a highly regarded Professional Science Master's Program that offers comprehensive training in the biomedical sciences and key related fields, such as regulations, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship. This program equips students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the biotechnology industry and can also serve as a stepping-stone for further education, such as in Biomedical Sciences PhD Programs, Medical School, Dental School, or Pharmacy programs.

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Program Structure

    Only the BSBT-GEN is recognized by the National Professional Science Master's Association as a Professional Science Master's Program. To earn this recognition, the program must include STEM courses, Plus courses related to science, an advisory board with industry members, and a capstone experiential learning experience, such as an internship.

    The BSBT-MIM and BSBT-SBB are more research-intensive and require a traditional thesis for graduation.

    Graduation from the BSBT program requires 38 credits and a selected internship (BSBT-GEN) or a traditional thesis (BSBT-MIM and BSBT-SBB), allowing students to tailor their education to their career goals. Students take required and elective courses at either CU Denver or the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

    All three BSBT program plans provide excellent preparation for careers in the biomedical sciences and biotechnology fields and have a successful track record of producing alumni who have secured employment in industry and academia, as well as those who have gone on to pursue further education in Medical School, Dental School, PhD programs, and more.

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    Kristine Sikora, PhD

    Interim Program Director, Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology Program

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    Pat Goggans

    Pat Goggans

    Program Administrator, Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology Program

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    BSBT Advisory Board

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Advisory Committee for the professional master's program in Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology typically serves in an advisory capacity to the program director. Their responsibilities and roles include:

    Program Development: Advisory Committee members may assist in developing and reviewing the program curriculum, course offerings, and academic policies to ensure that they are aligned with the program's goals and mission.

    Industry and Community Engagement: Advisory Committee members may serve as liaisons between the program and industry partners or other stakeholders in the community. They may help to identify new opportunities for collaboration or provide guidance on current industry trends.

    Student Support: Advisory Committee members may provide guidance and support to students in the program, such as through mentoring or networking opportunities.

    Resource Development: Advisory Committee members may assist in identifying and securing resources needed to support the program, such as funding or research partnerships.

    Quality Assurance: Advisory Committee members may provide guidance on the program's quality assurance processes, including student assessment and evaluation.

    Public Relations: Advisory Committee members may assist in promoting the program and building its reputation in the field.

    Overall, the Advisory Committee serves as a valuable resource for the BSBT program, providing guidance and expertise to ensure its success. To apply for our BSBT Advisory Committee, please contact bsbt.program@cuanschutz.edu

    Board Members

    Neil Krauss | Assistant Vice Chancellor, CU Anschutz

    April Giles | VP, Business Development, Fitzsimons Innovation Community

    Angie Purvis | Independent Consultant, Medical Device and Diagnostics

    Mark Spiecker | President, STAQ PHARMA

    Lindsey Summers | Sr Talent Acquisition Partner, Day One Bio

    Steve Van Nurden | CEO and President Fitzsimons, Redevelopment Authority

    Lora A. Wilson | Director, Oncology Field Medical, Pfizer Strategic Advisor, PatchRx

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