Sponsored Research and Intellectual Property

How does CU manage sponsored research relationships?

A Sponsored Project Agreement (SPA) is a document that allows the university to accept outside sponsorship for research while maintaining some level of intellectual property rights. The Office of Contracts and Grants at each campus can negotiate modifications to SPA as suggested by the sponsor, and as appropriate to the specific sponsored project activities contemplated.

How do SPA's affect publication and intellectual property?

The academic mission of the University of Colorado requires that research be published in a timely manner. The university recognizes the need to protect newly acquired techniques, processes, and technology, yet it also considers it appropriate to provide sponsors advance copies of intended publications for review. The university also supports the need for certain limited delays of publication to give both industrial sponsors and the university adequate time to protect patent or other proprietary rights.

CU Innovations is responsible for ensuring that inventions and creative works mature from the research laboratory to the public marketplace. The program also stimulates the inventive genius of university faculty, students, and staff through economic and professional incentives and encourages further discovery by directing a portion of the university's license income to the laboratories and departments from which an invention or work originated.

The university personnel who conduct research leading to a patentable invention or copyrighted work usually do so in campus facilities built and supported with funds from the State of Colorado. In such cases, the university retains ownership of the intellectual property and makes it available for commercialization through licenses.

Who should I contact about the terms of an SPA?

Questions about agreement terms should be directed to the Office of Contracts and Grants located on the campus where the research is to take place. The contact information for those offices is as follows:

Questions about intellectual property and patent rights should be directed to CU Innovations.

CU Innovations

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