Materials Transfer Agreement

What is a materials transfer agreement?

A Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legally binding contract used to transfer research materials or other tangible materials for evaluation and experimental use, without transferring title or ownership of the materials to the user.

Outgoing MTAs allow CU researchers to send materials to a company or research collaborator while protecting the intellectual property of the CU researchers. Incoming MTAs from companies and research institutions serve the same purpose of protecting the interests of the company/institution sending materials to CU researchers. The agreements below focus on biological materials, but similar agreements are used to transfer samples of chemical compounds, transgenic animals, and other types of tangible research materials.

Who can sign an MTA?

MTAs are official legal contracts, and researchers, academic institutions, and companies are obliged to live up to the provisions they contain. Providers of materials need to have written agreements to be sure that there is a common understanding of how the materials can be used, and a common determination of the rights granted to each party. Breach of these agreements creates legal and financial risks for the institution and researchers involved.

Only the directors of campus Technology Transfer Offices have the delegated authority to execute these agreements; researchers should only sign the MTAs as an acknowledgment of the conditions of the transfer. CU Innovations will provide a summary of the terms and conditions of an MTA, and it is important to understand and comply with the requirements.

How do I execute a Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)?

Beginning July 1, 2017, all new MTA, CDA, and NDA requests will be routed through the Clinical Research Administration Office (CRAO) via a web-based portal. Once in the portal, you can indicate which form you are filling out.

Requirements for MTA and CDA Review:

  • Please go to the following web-based portal and complete the intake process
  • In order to expedite processing, review, and negotiation of your agreement, please answer all questions.
  • If there is additional information that could expedite the review of your agreement, please utilize the comment boxes.
  • Please upload all pertinent documents. Your agreement will not be assigned for review until this step is complete.

Based on the answers in the web-based portal, the MTA or CDA/NDA will be routed and processed accordingly. Negotiations will be handled by the CRAO Contracts Team. 

For amendments to existing MTAs or CDAs/NDAs, please send the associated documents and information to the following email address: CRAO

If you have any questions, please contact: CRAO