Materials Transfer Agreement

What is a materials transfer agreement?

A Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legally binding contract used to transfer research materials or other tangible materials for evaluation and experimental use, without transferring title or ownership of the materials to the user.

Outgoing MTAs allow CU researchers to provide access to CU-created materials to a company or research collaborator while protecting the intellectual property of CU. Incoming MTAs from companies and research institutions serve the same purpose of protecting the interests of the company/institution sending materials to CU researchers. MTAs are used to protect the transfer and use of tangible research materials, such as biological materials (e.g., cell lines, plasmids, strains), samples of chemical compounds, transgenic animals, etc.

How do I execute Material Transfer Agreement (MTAs) and CDA/NDAs?

All new confidentiality and material transfer agreement requests are routed through the Clinical Research Administration Office (CRAO), and not through CU Innovations. CRAO host a web-based portal through which you can submit a request for a new agreement, or review of an agreement. For amendments to existing MTAs or CDAs/NDAs, please send the associated documents and information to the following email address: CRAO

If you have any questions, please contact: CRAO

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