Confidential Disclosure Agreements

A Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is a contract between a party who is disclosing confidential information and another party who is receiving that information. Sometimes, a CDA agreement may be a two-way agreement, covering information disclosed by both parties. The CDA specifies how the receiving party/parties will protect and use the information. CDAs are sometimes referred to as nondisclosure or secrecy agreements, emphasizing the recipient's handling of the confidential information.

What are confidentiality agreements for?

A CDA serves three purposes:


  • Alerts the receiving party to the confidentiality of the information to be received.
  • Specifies the responsibilities required of the receiving party.
  • Can be used as evidence in subsequent patent processing - e.g., to defeat an allegation that the invention is not novel because the inventor treated it as public information. This kind of allegation arises frequently from those contesting a potentially lucrative patent, so a CDA is more than a "mere formality."

How do I execute a confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) agreements (CDAs/NDAs)?

Beginning July 1, 2017, all new MTA, CDA, and NDA requests will be routed through the Clinical Research Administration Office (CRAO) via a web-based portal. Once in the portal, you can indicate which form you are filling out.

Requirements for MTA and CDA Review:

  • Please go to the following web-based portal and complete the intake process.
  • In order to expedite processing, review, and negotiation of your agreement, please answer all questions.
  • If there is additional information that could expedite the review of your agreement, please utilize the comment boxes.
  • Please upload all pertinent documents. Your agreement will not be assigned for review until this step is complete.

Based on the answers in the web-based portal, the MTA or CDA/NDA will be routed and processed accordingly. Negotiations will be handled by the CRAO Contracts Team. 

For amendments to existing MTAs or CDAs/NDAs, please send the associated documents and information to the following email address: CRAO

If you have any questions, please contact: CRAO