Liaisons Program

Your academic connection to the CU Innovations Office

Purpose of the Liaisons Program: 

Leadership of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus recognize innovation and commercialization of medical and technological discoveries as a strategic priority. CU Innovations (CUI), has developed an outreach program, that focuses on the prime agents of innovation, i.e. the faculty. 

CUI aims to foster healthy, two-way communication between the office and the faculty to enable an advanced culture and environment of innovation on the campus. Identifying volunteer faculty in every department as a liaison to the office is the first step to raise awareness, improve communication, and drive productive collaboration.

The Liaison network will assist CUI in understanding the concerns and priorities of faculty as well as identifying new and promising innovations within the university prior to public disclosure, ultimately increasing the quality, quantity, and viability of invention disclosures. Additionally, the liaisons’ relationship with the office will create a conduit for CUI to connect with researchers around campus, increasing participation and engagement in commercialization and entrepreneurship activities. 

The program will build upon and expand the university’s connection with industry. Educational sessions will give liaisons the skills they need to network with industry leaders and market inventions for creating partnerships and licensing opportunities. 

Role of the liaison: 

  • The academic connection between the faculty in their departments and the CU Innovations office in relaying information. 
  • The first point of contact for departmental colleagues on how to proceed with invention ideas. 
  • Connects principal investigators with the appropriate CU Innovations team member to assist commercialization. 
  • Although CU Innovations organizes training sessions on various topics open to the whole campus, Innovation Liaisons will have stronger communication with the office by participating in regular meetings or special events. 
  • Assists CU Innovations in the identification of new inventions, as well as licensing, company creation and industry collaboration opportunities. When opportune proactively approach departmental colleagues to highlight the commercialization potential of their ideas. 
  • Individual who gathers information to promote CU Innovations funding opportunities and initiatives.


  • Ideal candidates are investigators who are actively innovating and who have the time to participate in training and networking activities of CU Innovations. However, young faculty who have not engaged in translational research but eager to learn should not be discouraged from participating. 
  • Goal of one liaison per department. 
  • Willingness to commit to participate in CU Innovations activities/meetings at least once a month. 
  • Candidates should be engaged and should demonstrate strong communication skills

Benefits for the liaison: 

  • The liaison will be one step ahead of the rest of campus in receiving information and learning about opportunities and new initiatives. 
  • Liaisons will gain a deeper knowledge on the innovation taking place within their departments as well as resources on the campus and in the greater Colorado area and nationally. 
  • Liaisons will have readily available networking opportunities both throughout the campus and outside. 
  • Liaisons will have a chance to directly influence the direction of innovation and translational efforts of CU Anschutz.

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