Weekly Update on Research Reconstitution Activities

June 26, 2020

Dear Research Community Colleagues,

As we reach the end of June and continue to ramp up research, we wanted to thank everyone for your continued collaboration, patience and support during this “new normal.” Overall, our research ramp up plans are moving forward as planned with minimal updates or changes this week. In an effort to provide concise communication, we ask that you review past updates for specific details on Clinical Research, Basic Science space and OLAR.   
With next week being a short week, we anticipate sending the weekly research recap on Thursday, July 2 versus Friday, July 3. 
Information highlights for this week are as follows: 
  • Our research ramp up activities are being carefully coordinated with the larger Return to Campus efforts.

  • Off-Campus Research: All off-campus research, even if at non-affiliate clinic sites, does require institutional review and approval. Off-campus research is on hold and considered under the “community” based research approval process.

    We have established a separate research committee which is focused on “community” and other off-campus research. All community research remains on hold until approved. In preparation, it is recommended to submit any protocol revisions to mitigate the risk of COVID for participants, community contacts, etc. to COMIRB. This may include revisions such as the incorporation of e-consent, surveys that can be done through telehealth/remote, or other options. Please visit the  COMIRB website for more information.​​​​​​​

  • EHS: We have seen appropriate and ongoing use of Ethanol-based cleaning solution in the research spaces. Refills and exchanges are done on Tuesdays. Please ensure that empty spray bottles are placed in the designated exchange location every Tuesday morning. Emergency refills can be provided, but may take 1-2 days. Ethanol sales for research purposes are ongoing on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the R2 EtOH Sales Room. Also, we have modified the service schedule for biomedical waste. Additional details on both of these programs can be found here. Contact EHS at for additional information or for service.​​​​​​​​​​

  • Building Entry: Those approved to return to campus can check in at any of the four building entry locations for screening across campus, which are indicated in the daily health questionnaire. The most convenient location for access to the research towers is the west side of Hensel Phelps. A wristband will be given to wear for the day after completing the entry point requirements. Specific hours for the entry points is listed on the  daily health questionnaire.
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