Weekly Update on Research Reconstitution Activities

June 19, 2020

Dear Research Community Colleagues,

With your assistance, we continue to make progress in our efforts to safely increase our research activities. One highlight this week was the participation of nearly 500 researchers in a joint CU Anschutz campus townhall to discuss the ramp up of clinical research. With our overall progress, we are also monitoring the status of COVID-19 in Colorado and tracking external guidance and we will continue to respond to any changes that may occur. Our research ramp up activities are being carefully coordinated with the larger Return to Campus efforts. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration in this effort.

Off-Campus Research: All off-campus research, even if at non-affiliate clinic sites, does require institutional review and  approval. Off-campus research is on hold and considered under the “community” based research approval process.   

We have established a separate research committee which is focused on “community” and other off-campus research. All community research remains on hold until approved. We are also forming a protocol review committee and are hopefully 2-3 weeks away from approving protocols in this area. In preparation, it is recommended to submit any protocol revisions to mitigate the risk of COVID for participants, community contacts, etc. to COMIRB. This may include revisions such as the incorporation of e-consent, surveys that can be done through telehealth/remote, or other options. Please visit the COMIRB website for more information.

Clinical Research Committee: 
  • The Clinical Research COVID officials are listed here.
  • Requests to ramp up clinical research in CU Anschutz space for groups 1, 2 and 3 (as defined here) can be submitted for review here
  • CU Anschutz Ramp Up of Clinical Research: Step-by-step directions can be found here.
Basic Science Space: Research activity in the basic science spaces continues to expand. The return to campus of lab-based personnel is nearing 100% of baseline levels and plans for shift work are being utilized by each unit’s COVID officials. It is critical that all physical distancing guidelines are followed and that occupancy of individual units does not exceed 50% of the baseline census at any given time as the research ramp up continues. 

EHS: We have seen appropriate and ongoing use of Ethanol-based cleaning solution in the research spaces. Ethanol sales for research purposes are ongoing on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the R2 EtOH Sales Room. Also, we have modified the service schedule for biomedical waste. Additional details on both of these programs can be found here.

OLAR: Thank you to the researchers who have submitted their OLAR Research Restart Form. Please remember to submit the OLAR Addition of Personnel Form as personnel that will work in the vivarium are added to your COVID lab plan and invited back to campus. More detail can be found in the OLAR specific communication. 

Building Entry: Those approved to return to campus can check in at any of the four building entry locations for screening across campus, which are indicated in the daily health questionnaire. The most convenient location for access to the research towers is the west side of Hensel Phelps. A wristband will be given to wear for the day after completing the entry point requirements. Specific hours for the entry points is listed on the daily health questionnaire.
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