Update on Research Reconstitution Activities

May 1, 2020

Dear colleagues,

As our efforts to carefully increase research activities continue, we will endeavor to send a weekly update to ensure all are informed. 

The pace of these activities will be measured and gradual in order to ensure the safest environment possible in this changing landscape. In all cases, researchers should not return to campus until specifically invited to do so and until specifically approved by central research administration.

We will be in phase 1 of the research reconstitution plan for the week of May 4.

Building Entry: New procedures for building entry in the research buildings will be piloted the week of May 4, including daily questionnaires (QR code) and temperature checks. These efforts will involve invited groups initially. Please follow instructions on posted signs throughout the week, as this process may expand to include more groups/buildings.  

CORE facility activities: Pilot activities are planned the week of May 4 with a limited number of CORES. This will allow for processing of backlogged work and testing of some of the new campus procedures, including new building entry processes.   

COVID officials: These individuals have been identified for each floor and initial meetings are being organized. Once this group is constituted, we will provide more guidance for the development of each floor’s COVID plan. As these plans are approved, we expect a slow increase in activity over weeks. Please remember this will not be a rapid ramp up of activity. 

Clinical Research Committee: A committee on clinical research activity has been formed including representatives from both CHCO and UCH. This committee is chaired by Alison Lakin and includes three working groups: Protocol Prioritization, CU sites for Clinical Research Activities, and Research Tools/Guidance during Physical Distancing.

OLAR: Starting May 4, all research and colony maintenance activities will be required to be scheduled through the EMS system to ensure physical distancing. Additional guidance and details will be provided via OLAR specific announcements.


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