Next Phase of Research Reconstitution Activities

May 8, 2020

Dear Research Community Colleagues, 
As we complete the first phase of our research reconstitution plan and enter the second phase, we will continue to assess the local situation and external guidance.  

Below is an update on the current plan for increasing human subject, basic/laboratory and vivarium research, while maintaining important safety measures. In all cases, researchers should not return to campus until specifically invited to do so and until specifically approved by central research administration.
As a reminder: All faculty and staff designated as critical must take the SkillSoft “CU: COVID-19 Return to Work” training, available through the My.CU portal, prior to entry to any of the facilities. We recommend all faculty and staff do this now, so it is complete and in the system when returning to campus in the future.

We will start Phase 2 of the research reconstitution plan the week of May 11.
Building Entry: New procedures for building entry in the research buildings have been piloted this past week, including daily health questionnaires (QR code) and temperature checks. These efforts involved invited groups initially. For those individuals with current access to the research buildings on campus, please follow the instructions sent via email or on posted signs on campus, as this process is expected to expand to include more groups/buildings next week. Anyone willing to help with building entry operations, please contact:

CORE Facilities: CORE facility activities have increased this past week - some core members are back on campus and additional cores will be invited back to campus next week. We are working to set guidelines for CORE customers - at this time, only those already on critical access lists are able to act as a customer. Note: if your CORE submitted a request for access approval, you will receive an email outlining your approval or any modifications needed. 

COVID Officials: A COVID official has been identified for each floor and a list can be found here. These individuals are currently meeting with Research Administration on a regular basis to plan next steps. COVID officials are actively working to communicate with all groups on their floor and have now received instructions for the COVID floor plans. As COVID plans are approved, we expect a slow increase in activity over weeks. Please note, this ramp up activity will start at a low level and continue to progress, adding more research faculty and staff as quickly as conditions allow.

Clinical Research Committee: The Clinical Research Taskforce, in collaboration with CHCO and UCHealth, is developing a prioritization framework document to gradually increase clinical research conducted on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. A review committee is being established to coordinate with a feasibility review directed by the clinical site (CHCO, UCHealth or CU Anschutz). Efforts to define clinical research activities that may be done at CU Anschutz research sites (adult outpatient CTRC, Barbara Davis Center, etc.) are being determined. More specific details about how to apply for approval to conduct clinical research on campus will be communicated in the next week.
OLAR: As COVID Floor Plans begin to be approved, OLAR will permit orders for research subjects from standard vendors. Investigators should note that experimental procedures are not permitted until the laboratory has an approved COVID plan from their COVID official AND has received an approval email from OLAR after submitting their OLAR Research Restart Form. Please remember that all individuals performing work in the vivarium must schedule through the EMS system. More details will follow in an OLAR-specific announcement. 

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