Campus Research Reconstitution Guidance

April 27, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Last week we released our initial plans to increase research activity on campus. We will continue with these plans in a deliberate and gradual way, reevaluating this situation as we progress. Please note that no additional personnel should report to campus until they are invited, have completed training, and received central University Research approval.

Currently, there is a small group of researchers on campus performing limited research maintenance activities and highly selected critical research projects. The research guidance released on April 24 applies immediately to these activities and should be carefully reviewed by these individuals now. Below are a few key highlights: 

  • A Skillsoft training module, entitled CU: COVID-19 Return to Campus, is now available and needs to be completed immediately by all individuals accessing any research space on campus. You can access this training in SkillSoft through the My CU portal. After selecting the CU Denver | Anschutz campus icon, then choose the SkillSoft button and enter the CU Denver | Anschutz training menu. The mandatory training will be at the top of the training menu.
  • Facial masks, including cloth masks, should be worn on campus at all times.
  • All laboratory activities need to maintain social distancing, as detailed in the guidance.
  • Vivarium experimental work is still limited to work already approved; however, breeding may be expanded in the near term. More detailed information for researchers is available in the OLAR communication from Friday, April 24, on the OLAR Intranet Site.
  • Any ongoing research maintenance or critical research currently being performed will need to be incorporated into each floor’s COVID plan as those are developed. 
Thank you for your attention to the updates in this guidance. We endeavor to ensure appropriate safety and social distancing measures are in place for the safety and security of all in the research community.

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