Bi-Weekly Update on Research Reconstitution Activities

September 11, 2020

Dear Research Community Colleagues,

Today is a day of reflection and remembrance of the tragic events that took place 19 years ago. Honoring this anniversary during the ongoing health pandemic reminds us of the resilience of community and the strength of a shared mission.

We continue to see extraordinary and sustained efforts from the research community coming together and addressing the challenges we face today. 

We are #CUAnschutzTogether.

Thank you all.

Research Ramp Up highlights are as follows:

  • Contract tracing/dashboard: As previously noted, the CU Anschutz contact tracing team within EHS conducts case investigations and provides individual follow up based on self-report results and responses to the daily health questionnaire. While we will not publish the names of staff, students or faculty who may test positive, the new CU Anschutz COVID Dashboard displays campus-level COVID-19 statistics related to symptomatic testing, new positive cases on campus, and 5-day averages of positive cases on campus. This FAQ is a good resource tool that addresses COVID-19 protocols, reporting and contact tracing at the the CU Anschutz Campus.
  • Clinical Research: CU Anschutz protocol re-activation of group 5.b has started defined as: new enrollments to currently active non-therapeutic protocols requiring complex research only interventions. We also continue with groups 1 through 4. All groups are defined here
  • Community-Based Research: The one hour required training component for Community-Based Researchers can be found here.
  • Badging/lab floor access: Please reach out to your COVID official and/or coordinator if you have any concerns regarding your badge access.  There are temporary solutions in place within wet lab spaces and buildings to address the current setting and access levels.  
  • Building Entry: Those approved to return to campus can enter at any of the four campus check-in locations for screening, which are noted in the daily health questionnaire, with specific information on opening times for each location. Student staffing is now integrated into the research ramp up process. We appreciate your ongoing professionalism towards all involved in this process on behalf of the campus.  
  • OLAR: Thank you to the researchers who have been active in their research restart. Please remember to complete the Addition of Personnel Form when new individuals join your lab and to schedule all work through the EMS system. More details can be found in the OLAR specific communication or the OLAR Intranet Site.


Thomas Flaig, MD
Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus


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