Utibe Ettah, B.pharm, RN

Utibeabasi EttahStudent Worker

​email:     Utibeabasi.Ettah@cuanschutz.edu
phone:    (303) 724-3994

office:     Fulginiti Pavilion - Room 201

Utibe Ettah is a pharmacist from Nigeria with two years of working experience in pharmacy administration and two years of research pharmacy experience, working alongside noble researchers in the field of pharmaceutical sciences in Nigeria.

"I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and an academic loving person; one reason I’m in the United States is in quest to acquire more knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical research. I'm currently enrolled in the Masters of Pharmaceutical sciences program at CU Anschutz School of Pharmacy (thesis-track).  I am finding ways to contribute and interact with the university community, an opportunity which this student assistant position will afford me."

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