Eric G. Campbell, PhD

Professor of Medicine & Director of Research

email​:   Eric.G.Campbell@cuanschutz.eduEric Campbell PhD
phone:  (303) 724-9230
office:   Fulginiti Pavilion


  • 1991  University of Minnesota:  BA (Psychology)
  • 1992  University of Minnesota:  MA (Adult Education)
  • 1996  University of Minnesota;  PhD (Higher Education Policy and Management)
  • 2013  Harvard Medical School:  MA (Honorary)

Dr. Campbell is a survey scientist who conducts research at the intersection of health policy and bioethics. In health policy Dr. Campbell’s research focuses on professionalism in medicine, medical marijuana, research policy, patient safety and electronic medical records.   In bioethics Dr. Campbell’s research is focused on conflicts of interest in medicine and research, physician self-regulation, truth telling in medicine and access to care for patients with disabilities.  His work has been consistently supported by funds from the National Institutes of Health and independent foundations including, but not limited to  the Commonwealth Fund and the Greenwall Foundation. 

Dr. Campbell is the author of more than 150 articles, chapters, reports and book reviews. His work has been consistently published in JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Health Affairs, and other leading medical and ethics journals.  He has been interviewed by leading media outlets including NPR, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time, New York Times, Washington Post and the Boston Globe.   

Dr. Campbell spent the first two decades of his career at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he ultimately served as Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of the Mongan Institute Health Policy Center and Director of Research at the Center for Bioethics.  In 2018 he joined the University of Colorado School of Medicine as a Professor of Medicine and Director of Research at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities.  In his present position Dr. Campbell is developing a world-class empirical bioethics group at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Campbell is a Co-Investigator of a NIH grant (R01HD091211-01A1)​ Surveying Physicians to Understand Health Disparities Affecting Persons with Disability and Identify Approaches to Their Care.  2018-2023.


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