Mind Matters: Todd Siler

Todd Siler aqua art​I make art about the brain, and learn about the brain through art. This remains my lifelong passion and challenge: discovering how the human mind constantly learns about itself by studying its countless creations. 

These metaphorical artworks, or "neuro-impressions," intimate how the brain is connected to its creations; and how neural mechanisms form and shape our lives and futures in every way imaginable. Understanding the brain's creative process entails searching for deep connections between mind and nature. This art envisions what nature makes and what we make of nature.  

Images and ideas appear to emerge and evolve on all scales and dimen­sions.  They're dynamic and boundless. 

The coronal sections of "Mind Icons" collaged on the paintings pose open-ended questions about understanding through experience the creative process. These cross-sectional views symbolize my constant groping to grasp the myriad dimen­sions and mysteries of the brain. The neural-like textures and imagery represent different parts of the brain, such as the limbic system or "heart of the brain," where intuitions, feelings, emotions, and memories are processed and interpreted-influencing what we learn and care to remember.

They visualize the birth of ideas and their sources of inspiration. More­over, they reflect on how we come to know nature and ourselves, as we explore the possibilities of human knowledge and applied imagination. 

These metaphorical works of art aim to inspire searching the limits of human knowledge, serving to expand our sense of aesthetics by stimulating wonderment.  As natural born Metaphormers (lifelong learners, creators, problem solvers, innovators) we can envision what we want to become, and become what we envision.

Todd Siler

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