FOUR QUESTIONS by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman

March 7 - May, 30, 2013

Chicago & Woodman FOUR QUESTIONS

In the 20th and emerging 21st centuries, urgent concerns have arisen regarding the relationship of scientific and medical technologies to the moral and ethical dimensions of life.


The tragic cruelties of modern history often have their source in the disastrous embrace by various societies of morally distorted practices - medical, scientific and technological - that become enmeshed with that society’s culture, values and aspirations.  Four Questions by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman is a work that seeks both to expose and imagine that process.  It deposits us into the midst of profound moral quandaries and ambiguities and then challenges us to find our way out, to imagine alternatives.
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Four Questions runs through May 30 at the Fulginiti Gallery
Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Gallery at the Fulginiti Pavilion
13080 E. 19th Ave.   Aurora, CO  80045
Featured in the Denver Post:  

Art by Judy Chicago and Dorthea Lange, and their husbands
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