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The Office of Institutional Planning manages Archibus, an online space management tool that provides users with shaded floorplans by room type, occupant, department, assignable square feet (area), and building. institutional Planning maintains physical space data and regularly conducts space inventory walk-throughs per the Board of Regents (Capital Construction Planning and Projects APS 3002). This office also prepares Archibus floorplans and data for leadership and departmental use.  Archibus is used in conjunction with the 2016 CU Anschutz Workplace Space Guidelines to analyze space use and inform programming.

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Space Guidelines

The Workplace Space Guidelines (WSG) were developed to assist the university community in establishing equitable, consistent, efficient, and flexible planning and design parameters, and to support sound management decisions regarding space allocations for both new construction and renovations of existing facilities. Existing facility space that is not consistent with the guidelines is grandfathered in until significant renovation is required. However, it is also recognized that due to the age and internal configuration of many existing facilities, future renovations consistent with the space guidelines may not be achievable.

The WSG are not a university policy, nor do they guarantee any faculty, administrator, student or staff a particular space type and size. Instead, the space recommendations outlined in this document are intended to guide the assignment, planning, and design of university workplaces. 

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Archibus is an Integrated Workplace Management System used by Institutional Planning to track and manage space on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.  It provides the benefit of having floor plans and data (department, school/college, room code, occupant, and asf) in one location.  Archibus will be the space system of record for inventory starting Fiscal Year 2022.  


Shaded floorplans are available by building, department and room type:

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