Online Education

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is working to expand online education offerings to strengthen students' learning experience and give students an element of control over factors like time, place, path, and/or pace. Online education can encompass fully online courses and programs as well as blended learning.

CU Anschutz Online Education Advisory Group

The CU Anschutz Online Education Advisory Group is currently working with the University of Colorado Office of Digital Education (ODE) to expand the number of programs offered through CU Online at the Anschutz Medical Campus. 


  1. Identify current online education programs offered at the Anschutz Medical Campus.
  2. Recommend current and future online programs provided by the Anschutz Medical Campus for the Office of Digital Education (ODE).
  3. Recommend how support should be provided for programs that do not engage with ODE.
  4. When necessary, address duplication or multi-campus issues for specific programs.
  5. When appropriate and in collaboration with the individual school/unit, develop program term sheets for engagement with ODE (e.g., curriculum, program requirements) and provide relevant input for any other service agreements.


Laura Borgelt, Associate Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives and Professor, Skaggs School of Pharmacy (Co-Chair)
Ryan Davis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Planning (Co-Chair)
Amos Bailey, Co-Director, Master of Science in Palliative Care, Professor, School of Medicine
Danielle Brittain, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Colorado School of Public Health
Brenda Bucklin, Vice Chair of Education and Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development, School of Medicine 
Lisha Bustos, Manager of Instructional Design, Skaggs School of Pharmacy
Clint Carlson, Program Manager of Digital Education and Academic Technology, School of Dental Medicine
Tracy De Peralta, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Innovation, School of Dental Medicine 
Crystal Gasell, IT Program Manager, CU Denver 
Shaun Gleason, Director of Distance Degrees & Programs, Skaggs School of Pharmacy
Michael Harris-Love, Associate Dean of Physical Therapy Education and Physical Therapy Program Director, School of Medicine
Peggy Jenkins, Assistant Director of MS Programs, College of Nursing
Pearce Korb, Associate Professor and Director of Medical Student Education
Wendy Macklin, Professor and Chair, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology 
Jodie Malhotra, Director of Practitioner and International Development, Associate Professor, Skaggs School of Pharmacy 
Nancy Robertson, Co-Director, Master of Science in Palliative Care, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine 
Inge Wefes, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School 
Aimee Woznick, Project Manager, Office of Strategic Initiatives, Chancellor's Office
Ivana Yang, Professor, School of Medicine, Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine, and Colorado School of Public Health


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