List of Common Acronyms

    • AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges
    • ACTS: Advanced Clinical Training and Service (part of SDM)
    • AEF: Academic Enrichment Fund
    • AHEC: Area Health Education Center
    • AHEC: Auraria Higher Education Center
    • AHWC: Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
    • AP: Accounts Payable
    • ARC: Altitude Research Center
    • ARTS: Addiction Research and Treatment Services
    • ASA: Academic and Student Affairs
    • ASF: Assignable Square Feet
    • AVC: Associate Vice Chancellor (also Assistant Vice Chancellor)
    • AVCAF: Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
    • AY: Academic Year
    • ​BDC: Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes
    • BJE: Budget Journal Entry
    • BPC: Budget Priorities Council
    • BUS: Business School


    • CAIANH: Centers for American Indian & Alaska Native Health
    • CAM: College of Arts and Media
    • CAP: College of Architecture and Planning
    • CAPE: Center for Advancing Professional Excellence
    • CAPER: Center for Advancing Practice, Education and Research​​​​​​​​
    • CBT: Computer Based Training
    • CC&W: Center for Colorado and the West
    • CCCD: Colorado Center for Community Development
    • CCD: Community College of Denver
    • CCHE: Colorado Commission on Higher Education
    • CCM: Center for Computational Mathematics
    • CCMB: Center for Computational and Mathematical Biology
    • CCTSI: Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
    • CEAS: College of Engineering and Applied Science
    • CEBPEL: Center for Evidence Based Practices in Early Learning
    • CeDAR: Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation
    • CEPA: Center for Education Policy Analysis
    • CePOR: Center for Pharmaceutical Outcomes
    • CGH: Center for Global Health
    • CGMA: Center for Gait & Movement Analysis
    • CHA/PA: Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant
    • CHCRI: Children's Hospital Colorado
    • CHN: Center for Human Nutrition
    • CIBER: Center for International Business Education and Research
    • CIM: Center for Integrative Medicine
    • CITI: Center for Information Technology Innovation
    • CITT: Center for Innovations in Training Technology
    • CIW: Central Information Warehouse
    • CLAS: College of Liberal Arts and Science
    • CLoGRT: Center for Local Government Research and Training
    • CME: Continuing Medical Education
    • CNOHR: Center for Native Oral Health Research
    • CNS: Center for NeuroScience
    • COA: Chart of Accounts
    • COE: Fiscal Code of Ethics
    • COF: College Opportunity Fund
    • COMIRB: Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board
    • CON: College of Nursing
    • CoPR: Center of Preservation Research
    • CPB: Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    • CPE: Continuing & Professional Education
    • CRPE: Denver: Center on Reinventing Public Education
    • CRUE: Center for Culturally Responsive Urban Education
    • CSA: Central Services & Administration
    • CSEFEL: Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
    • CSIS: Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
    • CSPH: Colorado School of Public Health
    • CSTLI: Center for Surgical Treatment of Lung Infections
    • CTLT: Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching
    • C-TRIC: Colorado Translational Research Imaging Center
    • CUAC: CU Aging Center
    • CU-CVI: The University of Colorado Cardiovascular Institute
    • CWHR: Center for Women's Health Research
    • CWS: College Work Study
    • CYE: Children, Youth and Environments Center for Community Engagement


    • DCS: Delaware Cost Study
    • DEF: Department Enrichment Fund
    • DES : Division of Extended Studies
    • DHE: Department of Higher Education
    • DHMC: Denver Health Medical Center
    • DTI: Denver Transfer Initiative


    • EPC: Expense Purpose Code
    • ESAC: Extended Studies Advisory Committee
    • ESS: Enrollment and Student Services


    • F&A: Facilities and Administrative Costs (same as ICR)
    • FAST: Facility for Advanced Spatial Teachnology
    • FCQ: Faculty Course Questionnaire
    • FE: Fundraising Event
    • FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • FICA: Federal Insurance Compensation Act
    • FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act
    • FMG: Fiscal Managers Group
    • FOPPS: Fund, Organization, Program/Project, SubClass
    • FRA: Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority
    • FRGP: Front Range GigaPOP Network
    • FSEOG: Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (internally referred to as SEOG)
    • FTE: Full Time Equivalent
    • FY: Fiscal Year


    • GAR: General Administrative Recharge
    • GF: General Fund
    • GIR: General Infrastructure Recharge
    • GIRs: General Institutional Requirements
    • GL: General Ledger
    • GME: Graduate Medical Education
    • GPTI: Graduate Part-Time Instructor
    • GRA: Graduate Research Assistant
    • GS: Graduate School (the Anschutz Medical Campus)
    • GSL: Guaranteed Student Loans
    • HC: Headcount
    • HP: Hiring Packet
    • HR: Human Resources
    • HRAM: Human Resources Area Manager
    • HRC: Human Resources Coordinator
    • HRKU: Human Resources Key Users
    • HRMS: Human Resources Management System
    • HSC: Health Sciences Center


    • IBB: Incentive Based Budget
    • ICCA: Inter Campus Cost Allocation
    • ICR: Indirect Cost Recovery (same as F&A)
    • ID: Interdepartmental
    • IDDRC: Colorado Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center
    • IN: Interdepartmental Invoice
    • IPEDS: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
    • IR: Institutional Research (short for OIRPA)
    • IRMS: Integrated Resource Management Strategy
    • ISC: Internal Service Center
    • ISP: International Student Program
    • ITI: Information Technology Initiative
    • ITS: Information Technology Services
    • IUCA: Inter-Unit Contractual Agreement


      • JBC: Joint Budget Committee (of the state legislature)
      • JE: Journal Entry


      • LEARN: The Laboratory for Educational Assessment, Research and InnovatioN
      • LIB: Auraria Library
      • LRPC: Latino Research and Policy Center
      • LSC: Lawrence Street Center
      • LWOP: Leaves Without Pay
      • LWP: Leaves With Pay


      • MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
      • MSU: Metropolitan State University
        • NACUBO: National Association of College and University Budget Officers
        • NCA: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
        • NCCFC: National Center for Children, Families and Communities
        • NCMF: The National Center for Media Forensics (College of Arts & Media)
        • NRA: Non-Resident Alien
        • NRC: National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education
        • NTTF: Non-tenure-track faculty
        • NVTI: National Veterans Training Institute
        • OAA: Office of Academic Affairs
        • OAPER: Office of Academic Program Evaluation and Reporting
        • OGC: Office of Grants and Contracts
        • OIE: Office of International Education
        • OIRPA: Office of Institutional Research Planning and Analysis (see IR)
        • OIT: Office of Information Technology
        • OLAR: Office of Laboratory Animal Resources
        • ORG: Organization
        • ORS: Office of Research and Scholarship (College of Nursing)
        • OSCAR: Office of Student Creative Activities and Research
        • OTP: One-Time Payment


        • P Card: Procurement Card
        • PAR: Personnel Action Request Form
        • PBS: Payroll & Benefit Services
        • PCDP: Pre-Collegiate Development Program
        • PCHCP: Pre-Collegiate Health Careers Program
        • PCMSAP: Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program
        • PDA: Professional Development in Autism Center
        • PDQ: Position Description Questionnaire
        • PELE: Positive Early Learning Experiences Center
        • PERA: Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado
        • PET: Payroll Expense Transfer
        • PI: Principal Investigator
        • PIE: Pooled Investment Earnings
        • PO: Purchase Order
        • PPP: Pay for Performance Program
        • PRA: Professional Research Assistant
        • PRC: The Department of Pediatrics Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health
        • PS: People Soft
        • PS FIN: People Soft Finance
        • PS HR: People Soft Human Resources
        • PSC: Procurement Service Center


        • QIS: Quality Indicator Standards


        • R&R: Renewal and Replacement (this usually refers to a renewal and replacement Plant Fund FOPPS)
        • RA: Research Assistant
        • RES: Resident
        • RFP: Request for Proposal
        • RIA: Research Incentive Award
        • RMPRC: Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center
        • RTP: Retention, Tenure and Promotion


        • SAF: Salary Adjustment Form
        • SAMs: Strategic Allocation Models
        • SCH: Student Credit Hours
        • SCUP: Society of College and University Planners
        • SDM: School of Dental Medicine
        • SEHD: School of Education and Human Development
        • SEOG: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (see FSEOG)
        • SFTE: Student Full Time Equivalent
        • SOM: School of Medicine
        • SPA: School of Public Affairs
        • SPO: Standing Purchase Order
        • SRECNA: Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets (a.k.a. SRECNP)
        • SRECNP: Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position
        • SSOP: Skagg's School of Pharmacy
        • ST: Speedtype


        • TA: Teaching Assistant
        • TABOR: Taxpayer Bill of Rights
        • TACSEI: Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Interventions
        • TCFIM: The Center for Integrative Medicine
        • TCH: The Children’s Hospital
        • TCO: Total Cost of Ownership
        • TOP: Transparency Online Project
        • TRC: Technology Review Committee
        • TRC: Transportation Research Center
        • TSS: Technology Support Services


        • UBIT: Unrelated Business Taxable Income
        • UCB: University of Colorado at Boulder
        • UCCS: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
        • UCH: University of Colorado Hospital
        • UCHTC: The Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center at the University of Colorado Denver
        • UG: Undergraduate
        • UIS: University Information Systems
        • ULDI: University Leadership Development Institute
        • UPI: University Physicians, Inc.
        • UROP: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program



        • VAMC: Veterans Affairs Medical Center
        • VCAF: Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
        • VCASA: Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs

        Budget, Planning, and Campus Strategy Office Contacts

        • Ryan Davis
          Deputy Chief Financial Officer Associate Vice Chancellor
          (303) 724-0969
        • Erik Welker
          Director of Continuous Improvement
          (303) 724-9617
        • Linh-Thong Lo
          Associate Director of Fiscal Planning & Analysis
          (303) 724-8032
        • Ruby Kreilis
          Business Services Senior Professional
          (303) 724-6331
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