Fund Types

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Funds identify the source of the money being received and spent. The university uses the following funds: general funds, auxiliaryfunds, sponsored project funds, gift funds, loan funds, endowment fund, capital construction plant funds, renewal and replacement plant funds, retirement of indebtedness plant fund, investment in plant fund, agency fund, and consolidation adjustments.

The funds most frequently used by university departments are as follows:

Fund 10 – Unrestricted General Fund

  • Fund 10 - used to account for the university missions of instruction, research, and public service; and related academic services, student services, institutional support services, operation and maintenance of plant, and student aid.

Funds 20, 26, 28, 29 – Auxiliary and Self-Funded Activities

  • Fund 20 – for revenues and expenses of self-funded entities that have been formally designated by the Board of Regents as TABOR Auxiliary Facility Enterprises. 
  • Fund 26 – for royalty payments from patent and licensing fees, and for residual monies from fixed price contracts.
  • Fund 28 – for financial activities associated with formal Internal Service Centers (ISC).  ISCs provide goods and services internally to campus departments and sponsored projects.), such as campus copy centers.
  • Fund 29 – for self-funded activities that cannot be classified in Funds 20, 26, or 28. 

Funds 30 and 34 – Restricted Funds

  • Fund 30 – for sponsored project awards made to the university by an external sponsor.  Examples of external sponsors include businesses, foundations, and federal or state government agencies.
  • Fund 34 – for gifts given to the university, such as a bequest to an academic department.  Most gifts are initially received by the University of Colorado Foundation as charitable contributions, and then transferred to the respective campus for spending according to the donor’s wishes.

Funds 71 and 72 – Unexpended Plant Fund

  • Fund 71 - also called the Capital Construction Fund, is used to account for all new buildings, remodeling, and renovations estimated at $50,000 or more.
  • Fund 72 - also known as the Renewal and Replacement Fund, is used for reserves established by departments for future purchases of capital equipment, or for future renovation of capital assets.  Note:  the Boulder campus has two Renewal and Replacement Funds.  Fund 72 is used when the funding source for the reserves is Fund 10, General Fund.  Fund 78 is used when the source of funding for the reserves comes from the Auxiliary Fund, funds 20, 26, 28, or 29.

Budget, Planning, and Campus Strategy Office Contacts

  • Ryan Davis
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer Associate Vice Chancellor
    (303) 724-0969
    • Linh-Thong Lo
      Associate Director of Fiscal Planning & Analysis
      (303) 724-8032
    • Ruby Kreilis
      Business Services Senior Professional
      (303) 724-6331
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