Supporting an Efficient Allocation of Resources

The university Budget, Planning, and Campus Strategy Office is committed to providing the support necessary for our campus community to make informed budgetary decisions and maintain oversight of their departmental budgets. We are dedicated to delivering quality customer service, sustaining a friendly and professional work environment, and continuing to advance communication with the campus community.

The Budget, Planning, and Campus Strategy Office responsibilities include:

  • Budget development and implementation for unrestricted and auxiliary funds
  • Analyzing tuition revenues
  • Annual compensation allocation process
  • Long and short-term fiscal planning and data analysis
  • Developing working models for the allocation of resources
  • Providing budgetary representation on campus and university committees
  • Generating budget reports for departments
  • Processing and approving budget journals​​
  • Campus strategic initiatives

How Does CU's Budget Work?

Budget, Planning, and Campus Strategy Office Contacts

  • Ryan Davis
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer Associate Vice Chancellor
    (303) 724-0969
  • Erik Welker
    Director of Continuous Improvement
    (303) 724-9617
  • Linh-Thong Lo
    Associate Director of Fiscal Planning & Analysis
    (303) 724-8032
  • Ruby Kreilis
    Business Services Senior Professional
    (303) 724-6331
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