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The goal of the UC Denver School of Medicine's Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility is to provide investigators with the capabilities to identify, characterize, and quantify biomolecules present in tissues, cells, and biological fluids. The facility houses both Proteomics and Metabolomics Cores, and aims to assist members with solving difficult or p​reviously intractable problems in biomedical research. Methods for biomolecule isolation, separation, quantification, identification and bioinformatics analysis, together with expert guidance in study design, are integrated into expertise offered by the Facility. Our access to diverse analytical technologies thereby allo​ws investigators to adopt multiple strategies and to independently verify their findings. 


Co-authorship is generally expected when core personnel have made significant contributions to the research in the form of consultation, experimental design, method development, data analysis and/or data interpretation. Significant is defined as "the project would not have progressed, or progressed at a substantially slower pace, without the guidance of facility personnel." In such cases, core personnel should have the opportunity to review and edit the appropriate sections of a manuscript before submission.

Mass Spectrometry

The facility is a collaborative research resource that balances applied MS-based "omics" research with the development of new and improved methods for the identification and quantification of proteins, peptides, and metabolites in a multitude of complex systems. The facility encourages collaborations that apply the tools of proteomics and/or metabolomics to biomedical research. Prospective users are encouraged to contact Dr. Monika Dzieciatkowska or Dr. Julie Haines.

The Proteomics and Metabolomics Cores are housed within the School of Medicine Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility on the ground floor of RC-1 South at the Anschutz Medical Campus. (Room L18-1303).
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