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Browse commonly used Information Security and IT Compliance (ISIC) tools and services below. The ISIC team provides several services to keep your information and the university's data safe. Services provided include monitoring, protecting and securing our information technology infrastructure, data and operations to safeguard the privacy of the university community while maintaining compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations. 

For information technology services, visit our Information Strategy and Services partner at the Office of Information Technology (OIT) website or contact the Service Desk for additional questions. 


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Application and Cloud Service Assessments

Category: IT Security OIT - Categories Audience: Faculty Staff
Risk and Compliance team reviews the security and practices of third party applications, cloud services and business processes in order to protect university confidential and highly confidential data, including PHI, to reduce risk and meet compliance standards.
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Compromised Email Accounts

Category: IT Security OIT - Categories Audience: Faculty Staff Students
If you believe your account has been compromised, the Security and Compliance team is available to assist. There will be an investigation into the compromised account and a process for mitigating future risk. Stop all actions and do not turn off the computer. Contact the Service Desk and report the incident.
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Credit Card Merchant Accounts - PCI DSS Compliance

Category: IT Security IT Security OIT - Categories OIT - Type of software Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff
A payment card is any type of credit, debit or prepaid card used in a financial transaction. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is required of all university departments that accept payment cards for financial transactions. Any third-party vendor engaged by University Merchants to process payment card transactions on their behalf, or who is engaged in payment card financial services on our campus, must also comply with the PCI DSS.
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Data Access Requests

Category: IT Security Productivity and Business Remote Access Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff
Data access requests can be made with appropriate permissions from data owners and initiated by the supervisor of the person in question, or by the department administrator.
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Firewall Security Services

Category: IT Security OIT - Categories Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff
In order to make your server accessible from the Internet, or from any of the affiliate networks, please complete a Firewall Penetration Request and remediate any vulnerabilities or configuration changes that are identified during the penetration request process.
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Lost and Stolen Devices

Category: IT Security Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff
If a university owned and issued electronic device has been lost or stolen, learn how to report the missing item.
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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Antivirus

Category: IT Security Operating Systems Software Audience: Faculty IT Professional Researchers Staff
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a modern endpoint security platform for university owned devices. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint identifies software vulnerabilities, provides antivirus and anti-phishing protection, and detects threats in a single, unified platform. The platform integrates with Microsoft 365 services such as Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive, offering robust security.
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Phishing Emails

Category: Email IT Security IT Security OIT - Categories OIT - Type of software Audience: Faculty Staff Students
Phishing is a psychological attack used by cyber criminals to trick you into giving up information or taking an action. Learn more about recognizing phishing attempts.
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Remote Access VPN

Category: IT Security OIT - Categories OIT - Type of software Productivity and Business Remote Access Software VPN or remote access Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff Students
When connecting from off-campus, there are several remote options based on your needs. Please note that you will be prompted for multi-factor authentication through Duo during login to the VPN or VMware Horizon for remote access.
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Timely Terminations

Category: IT Security OIT - Type of software Remote Access Audience: Faculty IT Professional Staff
There is a standard process in place for typical terminations from the university. Timely terminations are specific to an involuntary termination or any circumstance where the unit believes there is a risk to university data. ISIC will evaluate the request and then obtain approval from Legal and HR before disabling access. Please note that employees who also hold an active role as a student have specific rights to maintain access to their student account.
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