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Browse commonly used Information Security and IT Compliance (ISIC) tools and services below. The ISIC team provides several services to keep your information and the university's data safe. Services provided include monitoring, protecting and securing our information technology infrastructure, data and operations to safeguard the privacy of the university community while maintaining compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations. 

For information technology services, visit our Information Strategy and Services partner at the Office of Information Technology (OIT) website or contact the Service Desk for additional questions. 

Credit Card Merchant Accounts - PCI DSS Compliance

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A payment card is any type of credit, debit or prepaid card used in a financial transaction. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is required of all university departments that accept payment cards for financial transactions. Any third-party vendor engaged by University Merchants to process payment card transactions on their behalf, or who is engaged in payment card financial services on our campus, must also comply with the PCI DSS.
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To request assistance, click on the button link and log into the OIT Service Center. Then, click "Make a Request."

Select "Compliance Services" from the tile options, choose "PCI (credit cards)" from the next menu page, and complete your request. 

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