The Fall 2021 CU Anschutz Student Health Insurance Plan waiver/enrollment portal is not open at this time.  A new waiver is required for all student enrolled in at least one credit hour at the start of each semester.  The Fall 2021 waiver/enrollment portal will be available 07/28/2021 - 09/08/2021. Once the portal is open, enrolled students can either waive or activate the CU Anschutz Student Health Insurance Plan by visiting

While all eligible students are automatically enrolled in SHIP with coverage beginning August 1st by registering for classes, there is an administrative hold with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources until after the waiver portal closes on September 8th.  In order to access or utilize your student insurance coverage prior to the waiver portal closing, students can visit the waiver portal and simply select the “opt-in” option and follow the prompts to activate your coverage immediately on/after 07/28/2021. 

Voluntary dental insurance is also available through Anthem BlueCross & BlueShield.  Please visit our dental insurance page for more information on the dental insurance plan benefits.


Fall 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions