Reporting Crimes, Emergencies & Safety Concerns

All crimes occurring on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus should be reported directly to University Police by calling 303.724.4444.

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The University Police Department Emergency Communications Center is open 24/7.

Campus Telephone: 9-1-1

Cellphone on Campus: 303-724-4444

Campus Phones (desk phones, red phones, yellow phones, etc.): 303-724-4444

Criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campus should be reported to the University Police Department 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. For immediate, direct access call 9-1-1 from any campus phone for emergencies or call x4-2000 for other police assistance. Cellphones and off-campus calls dial 303-724-4444.

Report Concerns

Campus Security Authority

The Campus Community is encouraged to report criminal incidents directly to University Police.  However, some victims of crimes may be more inclined to report a crime to someone other than the University Police.  A CSA might be the first person to whom a student, faculty or staff member reports a crime.  It is during this first reporting that the Federal Statute requires CU Anschutz to act.

Under the Clery Act, a crime is “reported” when it is brought to the attention of a CSA.  If a CSA receives information about a crime and believes that it was provided in good faith, he or she should document it as a crime and promptly report it to University Police for the purpose of making timely warning notifications and for inclusion in the annual statistical disclosure.  Crimes should be reported directly to University Police by phone: 303.724.4444.

Confidential Reporting

The University offers several ways to report crimes while preserving privacy. Crimes reported confidentially will be included in the annual disclosure of crime statistics, however, no personally identifying information will be included. Victims who do not wish to pursue campus disciplinary or criminal action, but who wish to document the details of an incident with the University, may file a report with the University Police Department anonymously at:

University Police Comment Line: 303.724.0800

Use this number to anonymously report criminal or unethical behavior directly to the University Police Department. If you wish to block the number you are calling from, dial *67 before making your call.

Comments can also be e-mailed to:

Voice messages left at this number and e-mails are checked several times a week by the Chief of Police or his/her designee. Concerns are then routed to the responsible parties

CU Ethics Link:

This site does not require your name or other identifying information. It does not track the identity of the Computer you use. Use “CU” as the organization name. You may also call 800.677.5590. More information regarding CU Ethics Line can be found here.

University personnel are not involved in handling phone calls initiated through the 800 number or in initially processing the on-line reports. When you phone CU EthicsLine, your message is handled by an independent company (EthicsPoint). They have trained professionals who will assist you through the process. On-line reports are interactive and maintained by EthicsPoint.

The University’s Internal Audit Department or other designated contact receives notifications of reports filed via the toll-free number or the Web-based system within one business day. The contact accesses the information and has the knowledge to investigate your concern, or may assign the report to someone qualified to investigate the concern.