Contacting the Police

Emergency and Non-emergency Methods


EMERGENCY 303-724-4444 (from a cellphone) or 9-1-1 (from any campus phone [e.g., desk, wall, etc.])

NON-EMERGENCY 303-724-4444

On the CU Anschutz Campus, elevators and Blue Light call stations connect directly to the CU Anschutz Emergency Communication Center.

When contacting University Police by telephone, campus phone, cellphone or blue light pole, you will be connected to the Emergency Communication Center (“dispatch”). The Emergency Communication Center will obtain as much information as available by caller and will typically send a police response, as appropriate, to the location of the incident being reported.

There are emergency "Blue Light" call stations located in or near parking areas and on pedestrian pathways. These emergency call stations may be used to report crimes in progress, suspicious persons, medical emergencies, or to request personal safety assistance. Pressing the call button on the emergency call station initiates a direct call to the University Police Emergency Communications Center.

Activation of the phone line also activates the blue light strobe to help police locate you more quickly. These phones may be used in emergencies or to request other assistance. Many of these “Blue Light Poles” are also Wi-Fi hot spots. Students, Faculty and Staff are asked to take a moment when navigating the campus, to note the location of the “Blue Light” call stations.