PDO COVID-19 Letter and Resources

This is clearly an unprecedented time in all of our lives. Given the rapidly changing situation and uncertainty about how this outbreak will unfold, it is natural and normal if you feel a greater amount of stress and anxiety than usual. Further, as we transition to working remotely, we also are confronted with a unique set of challenges that further disrupt our sense of normalcy.


We have created a list of research activities that you and your mentor can consider as you create remote work plans. In addition, here are some additional resources that might be helpful for you to maintain your personal and professional wellbeing:


Remaining informed. The first step in dealing with a crisis is to understand the challenge. These websites will provide you the most up-to-date official information about how our institution is responding to the outbreak and answer questions you have about COVID-19:


Staying connected while working remotely. Science can be isolating enough as it is – required social distancing and forced separation only makes matters worse. Here are some ways to stay connected and still practice social distancing.


Maintaining Wellbeing. It’s difficult to be productive when your attention is focused elsewhere. And with all the daily disruption and changes, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Here are some resources managing your wellness.


If you have any other questions or want connections to additional resources, please contact us at