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Undergraduate Pre-Health Program-Alumni Testimonials

Participating in UPP was an incredible experience! I enjoyed the exposure to the medical field with the Kaiser Permanente track, but more importantly, I am grateful for UPP more clearly defining how I want to practice medicine and why. The program is designed specifically to develop and instill a desire to get to know people, to empathize with where they are coming from, and to consider their culture when working with them. Simply being a provider is not enough, and UPP challenges you to reach a higher standard of service through self-reflection, cultural competency, and awareness of healthcare disparities. Saturday Academies are the forum for these in-depth discussions, and the hands-on clinical portion provides the opportunity for observation and application of the topics and skills. They help cultivate your ability to advocate for others and yourself, and to work as a multi-faceted team. Working with a group of unique individuals who are passionate about serving others was so encouraging! I loved the community of our cohort—not only do I have lifelong friends, but I have the unwavering support of the UPP staff in anything and everything. They go above and beyond to provide guidance, mentorship, and resources to you in any area of life.

Akaysha Joiner

UPP Alumnae - 2014