Community Service 

Q & A with Sreehitha Sajja

How many hours of community service did you complete from 9/1/19-9/1/2020?

More than 20

List all of your experiences in the box below; please include a brief description of activities and how long you volunteered for.

I volunteered at the library and helped organize books. I was also a Reading Buddy and helped little kids improve their reading skills. I also helped teach some classes at my dance studio. 

Are any of these organizations taking volunteers this year? If so, please list them and their contact information so we can share it with other students.

The Reading Buddy Program is not taking any volunteers right now.

What was your most meaningful experience? What made this experience so meaningful? (the next three questions will ask you to reflect on this experience)

Working with little kids, I felt very privileged and it was a heart-warming experience. I was really honored to be able to make a difference. 

What did you learn about yourself through this experience?

I learned that I grew up with a lot of resources and privileges that I didn't realize. I also learned that I really have a passion for helping kids and working with kids. I always liked spending time with kids because I have a big family, however, being able to work with kids really makes a difference.

What did you learn about the community or organization you volunteered for?

I live in a very nice community and I learned a lot about how much the library worked for outreach. I also learned that a lot of kids love to dance and that it is a really nice, freeing experience for them. I learned how much of a difference the fine arts can make. 

What impact did you have on the community or organization? How could you tell?

I feel like I impacted the kids I worked with. I set an example and I saw some of it rub off on the little kids. I taught some of them things like perseverance and was able to set a moral example. I also realized that maybe I was doing something right when the kids were always excited about our classes.